The Bear's Mate by Vanessa Devereaux

Kalispell Shifters Book One

Aidan Renner’s been keeping a secret for twenty-five years

The bear's mate

Aidan Renner’s been keeping a secret for twenty-five years. Since his father died, it’s been his job to keep the shifters safe but when his brother needs urgent attention due to a stab wound, he takes him to a free clinic where previously the doctor hasn’t asked any questions.



However, there’s a new doctor in town, she’s female—and drop dead gorgeous. When she insists on taking his brother’s blood as a precautionary measure, Aidan knows he has to get it back before it’s tested and the truth about them comes to light. When he breaks into the clinic in hopes of locating it, and finds it not there, there’s only one course of action. Take Charlotte out for a meal and ask her which lab she sent it to.



Charlotte doesn’t know if it’s because she’s been alone for over a year or if Aidan is as perfect as he seems, but she’s got the feeling that he could be a keeper.



Can Aidan continue to keep the shifters’ secret under wraps? And when he senses himself falling for Charlotte, can there be a future for a bear shifter and a human? Or is their relationship doomed from the beginning and could it put the shifter group in danger?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal / Shifters

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Language: English

Keywords: erotic romance, shifters, bear shifters, romances featuring bear shifters, paranormal erotic romances, sexy romance stories

Word Count: 32,610

Sales info:

This book was first published by a publisher in 2014. When I got rights back to it, I self published it. It was the first of my books to reach a bestseller's lists and remains one of my best selling titles. I'd love to see it published languages beside English. It's part of a long running series, new books are still be added.

Sample text:

Aiden’s heartbeat picked up tempo allowing him to feel each gush of blood it pushed around his body. He put his foot down harder on the accelerator as beads of sweat broke out on his forehead. He gripped the steering wheel tighter causing his knuckles to look like every drop of blood had been drained from them. He wiped away the perspiration with the back of his hand, willing the car in front of his to get the hell out of the way because this was clearly an emergency.

You’ve got to come and help me because I’m in big trouble.

That’s all he’d heard his brother shouting down the phone and then the line had gone dead.

He’d told one of his co-workers that he needed to go and pick up some medication for the cough he couldn’t seem to shake. After that, he’d swiftly left the wildlife management office. He glanced down at the bag perched on the passenger seat. It had been packed for as long as he could remember. Pulled out in haste just ten minutes ago. Inside was a way out and a fresh start. He hoped that his brother had his one ready and also every other member of their group too. Once Aiden gave the signal they’d leave, never turning back and never coming back.

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Already translated. Translated by Lenni Montero
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I highly recommend Lenni for your translations.

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