The Banker and the Eagle by Martin Lundqvist

The end of democracy

Unhappy with the election outcome, the Banker plots to kill the US president.

The banker and the eagle

Unhappy with the election outcome, the Banker plots to kill the US president.

It is the year 2028, and the terrorist group Guns Against Globalism attacks the Factual News Network headquarters owned by the corrupt media mogul Damien Vanderbilt. This attack sets a dangerous chain of events in motion.

The attack leads to the idealistic independent presidential candidate Eva Moreno, coming in possession of damning evidence against the Banker, Pierre Beaumont, regarding the Hei Bai virus outbreak and the dangerous drug Reversogene that Pierre released in 2021.

Pierre sets out to make Damien Vanderbilt the US president to save himself and he gets help from his co-conspirators; the Monocle Conspiracy, an underground group in possession of monocles holding the secrets of an ancient alien artificial intelligence.

Meanwhile, the democratic president of China, Eileen Lu, is desperately trying to support Eva to bring down Pierre once and for all.

In the end, who will win and who will lose in this dangerous game of chance?


Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Political

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Crime

Language: English

Keywords: Conspiracy, assassination, alien technology, worldwide conspiracy, USA, World Bank, China

Word Count: 32000

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Sample text:

Chapter 1: The attack on the FNN Headquarters, 6th June 2028.

CIA director James Winter was sitting in the FNN Headquarters, overlooking Central Park in New York. The sun was shining outside, and James would almost have been humming on a tune if his business here wasn’t so important. “Mr Bucker will meet with you shortly. Would you like a cup of coffee while you are waiting?”, Geoffrey Bucker’s secretary asked James.

James didn’t bother answering and he waved her away. James felt annoyed that Geoffrey didn’t consider him important enough to put everything else aside when he requested a meeting. This kind of contemptuous behaviour never happened to Pierre Beaumont.

James realised that wealthy plutocrats were more interested in appeasing the world’s richest man, Pierre Beaumont, than appeasing him. James got distracted from that thought when his phone rang. It was Melinda.

James stared at his phone and hesitated. Melinda Barnes was James’ subordinate at the CIA, and they had a secret fling. Although James felt closer to her than he had ever felt in his life, he also felt terrified at the same time. Melinda was a straight-and-arrow operator and a true patriot. James feared to get close to her as he had received a lot of money from Pierre for concealing the truth about the Hei Bai Virus outbreak that spread in 2021. The outbreak had killed 300,000 people in New York within a matter of days. Many of them had been world leaders, as the outbreak had coincided with a United Nations summit.

Pierre had orchestrated this biological weapons outbreak. He had caused it so that he could become the wealthiest man in the world from shorting the markets before the outbreak.

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