The Banker and the Dragon by Martin Lundqvist

The Emergence of the Hei Bai Virus

When a new virus emerges, one man is set to change the future.

The banker and the dragon

When a new virus emerges, one man is set to change the future.

The Australian agent Jared Pond is sent to investigate the rumours of a new Chinese bioweapon, the Hei Bai virus. During his assignment, Jared meets and falls in love with the Chinese civil rights activist Eileen Lu, the enemy of the CPOC. Together, Jared and Eileen try to uncover the dark secrets of the villainous dictator Chairman Jing Xi and his assistant Tzi Cheng. But who is Pierre Beaumont, and what is the connection between the spread of the virus and the World Bank's CEO?

Genre: FICTION / Technological

Language: English

Keywords: New Virus, Conspiracy, Chinese Dictator, Criminal Banker, The Fall of Martin Orchard, Sabina Saves the Future, The Monocle Conspiracy

Word Count: 34394

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Sample text:

Chapter 1: The Honey Dragon, 2nd March 2021.

‘Turkish Elvish Honey’

Chairman Jing Xi of the Columnist Party of China, CPOC, studied the jar in anticipation. He was a man of extravagant taste, and it didn’t get fancier than this, buying honey that was worth its weight in gold. Jing smelled the honey, and the sensation took him a bit closer to heaven. He closed his eyes and Jing pictured himself on the top of the world, listening to serene music in a Tibetan temple on the top of a mountain.

The association with Tibet surprised Jing. He didn’t care for the monks and their music. Furthermore, the party that he oversaw, had brutally subjugated the Tibetan people some decades earlier. 'Am I getting soft as my age advances?’ Jing thought for a moment.

Jing brushed off the notion. He was approaching 67 years of age, but he was still a man of power, and in many ways in the prime of his life. The longest living emperor, the Qianlong emperor who had lived in the 18th century had lived until the age of 87. Jing, who had expertise in both Chinese medicine and modern medicine, strived to outlive that legendary emperor.

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