The Alien Logs of Super Jewels by BK Bradshaw

Jewels is trying to figure out why she feels so different, and discovers she has Asperger's Syndrome.

The alien logs of super jewels

Why does everything seem so easy for everyone else? As Jewels recounts her adventures from Kinderprison to Muddle School, she looks for clues to what sets her apart. Could she be an alien, a superhero, or something completely different?

Join Jewels as she explores the confusing - and often hilarious - world of social expectations. Jewels' journey of self-discovery takes her to some unexpected places, and most surprising of all is finding a little bit of ourselves along the way.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / Special Needs

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / Friendship

Language: English


Word Count: 18,900

Sales info:

This book was released last summer and has been ranking in the top 100 on Amazon in the category "special needs." The sales keep increasing every month as the author is doing workshops and book talks at schools about autism, which is a growing area of concern for educators. It is nominated for a variety of awards, but the results have not been determined yet.

Sample text:

WHY DO NAPS EXIST?! Mrs. Marge said all of the children in HER kindergarten take a nap, and if we didn’t we would miss recess. I wasn’t sleepy. I never slept during naptime. I couldn’t help it if I wasn’t tired. So, I had to FAKE sleeping. I’m completely convinced that aliens and superheroes DON’T NAP.

The other children were asleep. I looked at the rows of cots lined up on the carpeted floor. Michael Spider Webb had slobber running down his cheek and a booger clogging up one of his nostrils. Good. He deserved it.

Gretchen Perfect Shelton’s perfect black hair flowed out of her perfect head and hung over the edge of her cot onto the floor. Her hair looked blue where the sunlight was touching it. Perfect.

Mrs. Marge stood up from her chair across the room and looked my way. I closed my eyes quickly, hoping she wouldn’t notice I was awake. I couldn’t miss recess. Eyes closed, I rolled over toward the window so Mrs. Marge couldn’t see my face.

I stared at the bookcase under the window. The books were all out of line. I wanted to push them all back and line them up so they made perfect rows and all faced the same direction. Some of them were upside down and they were all different heights. It would have looked much better if they had been in a row from tallest to shortest and all stuck out the same amount. I couldn’t fix it, though, because Mrs. Marge might see me and take away my recess.

I had missed recess once. I never wanted that to happen again. In fact, my whole kindergarten year was spent trying to avoid missing recess. It was so hard.

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Already translated. Translated by Alexandra Froger
Already translated. Translated by Karlos San Pedro

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