The adventures of Tamarita Rachel by Andrea Gardiner

Enchanting stories about the lives of children in Ecuador

The adventures of tamarita rachel

Finalist in the CLIPP AWARDS 2014
Review: "Andrea is a medical missionary in Ecuador. Children will love the adventures in her book but they will also learn how different life is for children in poorer countries of the world. This is a well-managed introduction to the problems of such children and a sensitive taster for the issue of child sponsorship."
Jennifer Rees Larcombe
Tamarita Rachel lives with her little sister Emily, her Mummy and her Papi among the banana plants in Ecuador. Join her as she goes on her adventures; discovering iguana eggs, visiting Indians, helping little boys go to school, housing, food and customs in a different country. There is never a dull moment in these lively tales which are particularly suited for 4 – 8 year olds. Children will learn about life in a different country, and the ways in which charities can help the poor. Read these magical tales aloud at home, school or Sunday school and enjoy them together.

“This is an excellent introduction into the lives of children in less developed countries. It teaches that joy comes from helping others and giving to others rather than taking for oneself.” Eunice LaSala, reading specialist and retired teacher

“Engaging and a wonderful vehicle for discussing cultural differences & global citizenship & responsibility.” Gail Kinsey, elementary school principal


Secondary Genre: TRAVEL / General

Language: English


Word Count: 10,000

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Finalist in the CLIPP Awards 2014. 

Sample text:

Once upon a time in the faraway land of Ecuador, lived two little girls.  Tamarita Rachel was quick and lively and always busy.  Little sister Emily loved to chase butterflies in the garden and to cuddle the baby chicks in the hen house. 

Tamarita Rachel and little sister Emily lived together with their Mummy and their Papi in the clean white house which Papi had built for them when little sister Emily was just a tiny baby.

Tamarita Rachel liked to wake up early in the morning and press her face to her bedroom window so she could see the emerald green banana plants stretching for as far as her eyes could see.  Little sister Emily liked to wake up when the sun was shining brightly in the sky.  She used to jump out of bed to run and give the chickens and the fish their breakfasts.  She collected up the eggs for Mummy and carefully carried them to the kitchen in her special basket so that they did not break.   

Mummy used to wake up early in the morning to bring in some plantain bananas from the garden.  She sliced up the green bananas and popped them into the sizzling frying pan until they were a beautiful golden brown, and then served them up with some freshly boiled eggs for breakfast.  Papi liked to show Tamarita Rachel and little sister Emily how to take the tops off their eggs, and then they all scooped out delicious teaspoonfuls of the bright yellow yolks.  They used to dip the egg in salt and then savour each scrummy mouthful. 

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