Teenagers by Owen Jones

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Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Life Stages / Teenagers

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Keywords: teenagers, adolescence, Computers For Kids, boy scouts, girl guides, Teenage Vegetarians, teenage obsessions

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First Aid Training for Kids

Children frequently copy what they see. They are good learners and they are programmed to be exactly that. Once they can walk and talk they have about ten years to learn as much as they can before being given a lot of freedom to walk the world alone. This differs from country to country and from century to century, but the principle is the same.

Although most children are quite heavily supervised during these ten years, a lot of children do spend a bit of time alone or only in the company of just other children. This means that it is a great concept to teach children some emergency steps. In the early days, First Aid training for kids could be as easy as teaching them to phone the emergency number if they see or get into trouble.

Thirty years ago while I was living in the Netherlands, I witnessed an attempted suicide by overdose. My friend was giving CPR and he asked me to go to the phone box and call the ambulance. I went but when I got there, 999 (the UK emergency number did not do anything). I looked about in the phone box but could not see an emergency number although my Dutch was fluent. I had to go outside and stop a passer-by to enquire. I wasted minutes and he passed away.

Before a child goes off to school at five or six, children should know the fundamentals like: the emergency number, not to talk to strangers, not to climb into anyone's car, that blood is dangerous and needs to be treated and that bones break, so to take care when running about. Anything else would be a bonus.

You could also create a First Aid kit with your child. You could sit down, discuss the contents of a functional, personal First Aid kit and then take your child to a pharmacy to buy the bits and pieces. When back home, you could talk about how to use the contents, pack them into a box and put that in the child's school bag.

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