TED Talks by Jacob Andrews

Look and sound like a pro even if you have a fear of public speaking.

Ted talks

Are you looking to give a memorable and inspiring TED Talk?

TED Talks are popular for a reason -- they captivate, inspire, and take the listener on an emotional journey. Even if you're not preparing to give an actual TED talk you can use the same principals to wow your audience and give the talk of your life. In this book you'll learn exactly what piques and keeps your audience's interest by modeling the best presentations in the world!

Look and sound like a pro even if you have a fear of public speaking.

Do you want to give a great talk or presentation WITHOUT feeling self-conscious, appearing nervous, or worrying about people judging you? This book will teach you how to overcome your fears and deliver the talk of your life. By the way, the audience actually wants you to succeed! With the skills you learn by reading this book you won't let them down. Here is just some of what you'll learn by reading this book:

The exact elements that make up a great TED Talk.
How to choose your topic by discovering YOUR big idea.
How to plan and layout your talk.
Ways to captivate your audience.
What buttons to push to really get an emotional response from the crowd.
How to make your audience feel connected to you.
Ways to put your own spin on any topic.
The exact structure to follow for your talk.
The 4 things you absolutely must include in your TED Talk.
The 3 methods of delivery… and which one will work best for you.
What to put on your slides -- AND how to decide if you should even use slides at all!
How to handle stage fright including 3 tips to calm your nerves before and during your talk.
The #1 thing to avoid doing during your talk. (Do this and your audience will actually feel insulted...)
And those are just the highlights!

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Secondary Genre: POLITICAL SCIENCE / General

Language: English


Word Count: 12283

Sample text:

Introduction: The TED Method

Since the very first TED talk arrived on the scene over thirty years ago, selected guest speakers have proven a very diverse bunch, including individuals more at ease on stage, such as musicians, television personalities, and political figures, as well as those who come from more typically introverted career paths, such as writers, academics, and scientists. As a result of such diversity TED talks span a wide range of speaker comfort levels, with some individuals approaching it with cool confidence, and others finding it a daunting and potentially uncomfortable prospect.

Now, with TED talks being viewed over two million times a day, they really are being held as the gold standard of public speaking for many people. What this means is that the bar has been set incredibly high, and your next presentation needs to measure up.

Fortunately for you, the ambitious goal of presenting a TED worthy presentation is completely within your grasp! While you may not have the time to commit to the months long process that TED submits its guest speakers to, this book will guide you successfully through all the steps of preparing, and ultimately presenting, an amazing TED-inspired talk.

So where to begin? In the following chapters we’ve isolated the key elements of a great talk including all components of the planning and presentation process.  Remember that while all the approaches that you’ll discover in this book are targeted for an 18-minute TED talk, they can also be successfully applied to any other presentation you may be taking on as well. Whether you’re new to the game with a big idea, or an experienced sales person seasoning your pitch, these practices will guarantee that you’ll make a connection with your audience, whether you’re talking to one person or one thousand.


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