Tales of the Golden Mask by Alexa Lynsey, Belle De Ver

An Initiate's Tale

Set in a fantasy world where nothing is quite what it appears, an old book and a strange golden mask bring power and pleasure.

Tales of the golden mask

Sultry and sensual adventures to warm your cold winter nights or steam up your long summer days. Set in a fantasy world where nothing is quite what it appears, an old book and a strange golden mask bring power and pleasure.
The first instalment in the Tales of the Golden Mask


Rated 18 for erotica

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Erotica / Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror

Language: English

Keywords: Erotica, Fantasy

Word Count: 22900

Sample text:

“Skylon, I did not wish for your concubine to become lonely, so you have a connecting suite here as well until you need a Zenana for yourself before you are called to temple work. But you must go and pay your respects to the High Priestess soon, decorum and duty demand it. Now, if you would be so kind, escort the ladies to the bath. This hall is exactly as the one you grew up in.”

Skylon bowed to the two ladies and kissed each on the hand before leading us through the curtain. We followed a long decorated hall with many doors down either side. At the far end, double doors opened onto an amazing site.  In the centre of the floor was a pool, for surely it was the size of a small oasis, and the steam rose from it as though it were heated.  Fountains of water rolled down the walls in some places, filling large clam shells to overflowing, running along patterned streams carved into the floor and into the pool. How this was achieved I knew not, but could not wait to try it. During my days with the caravan, we bathed in rivers and ponds, or lugged buckets of heated water to a small sitting-tub or barrel. Usually, by the time it was my turn the water within was neither especially warm nor clean.

One entire wall of this great room was missing, open to the colourful garden beyond. And I learned later there was a hidden gallery for those who wished to view the bathers. Songbirds in golden cages sang to the sunset, and the air was both fragrant and tuneful. The matrons sat on a bench just inside near shelves of herbs and flowers, spices and perfumes, and prepared scented pouches for bathing as we each oohed and ahhed over the lavish items available. There were even lotions and oils and powders for after the bath to soften skin and hair.

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