Take me to the Sea by Mois Benarroch

a book of poetry, published 2001

Take me to the sea

Hailed as one of the leading Israeli poets, Benarroch´s writings has been published in a dozen languages, including Urdu and Chinese. Julia Uceda considers that Benarroch holds the memory of the world in his poetry, while Jose Luis Garcia Martin thinks that his poems are more than poetry, they are a document. A witness of his time, Benarroch started writing poetry when he was 15, in English, and has always written in his mother tongue Spanish. When he was 20 he also added Hebrew to his poetry languages and he has published six poetry books in Israel. This collection includes all Benarroch's poetry translated into English or written in English and all his books The Immigrant's Lament, Take Me To The Sea, Horses and Other Doubts, The Day The Jihad Destroyed Berlin, The Teachings Of Baraka. 
"If I had a nomination vote for the nobel prize he'd be in the running." Klaus Gerken, Ygdrasil editor. 
Mois Benarroch was born in Tetuan/Morroco and lives in Jerusalem. He writes poetry and novels. His books have been published in Israel, Spain, U.S.A and Portugal. His works have been translated to 15 languages. He was awarded the Prime Minister prize for writers in 2008, and the Yehuda Amichai poetry prize in 2012.

Genre: POETRY / European / Spanish & Portuguese

Secondary Genre: LITERARY COLLECTIONS / Middle Eastern

Language: English


Word Count: 14,000

Sample text:

A Bird Reads


In the transition of the seasons

when the gallant wind blows

a bird sits and reads

the whole Torah

a bird sits and reads

all the prophets' words

a bird sits and reads

the chronicles of the world

a bird sits and reads

and praises the creator of the world

and people pass and watch

and say hey beautiful bird

beautiful bird who reads

their whole hearts.






A Jewish Dream


I dreamt an atomic bomb fell in Tel Aviv 

and there was of course a big mess and many dead

and then people discovered that the Jews

are not sensitive to radioactivity

because of circumcision

and because it is done on the eighth day

and not after months or years

and then everybody understood that Abraham was a genius

and a great expert on nuclear physics.





Food for the Worms 



After my death I will be glad to be food for the worms

as the earth gave me food

as I ate the fruit and the chicken

the citizens of the soil

will eat every crumb of my body

and I will be happy

glad to see that even in my death 

every part of my flesh

has a place in the world.


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