Sunrise by Arshad Ahsanuddin

Book 2 - Gay vampire science fiction romance


Book 2 of 4. 

Warning: Contains strong language and non-explicit depictions of gay sexuality.

Steel and Shadow
San Francisco, 2015.  A group of friends celebrating a windfall in their musical careers take a wrong turn down a deserted alleyway to find their path blocked by two creatures out of nightmare.  Surviving only through the arcane intervention of a cryptic savior, they find themselves thrust unwillingly into the center of a war of extermination between two mystical races.

The Gauntlet

Rory loved his best friend Takeshi for as long as he can remember, though he never had the courage to speak of it.  When Rory is captured, his soul hangs in the balance as the Nightwalkers delve into ancient magic to corrupt his spirit.  Takeshi attempts a desperate rescue, but is unprepared to face the enemy that waits in the depths of the vampire fortress.  In the end, his own damnation may be the key to Rory's salvation.

Night and Day

Nick was surprised to see Rory at a Christmas party so many years after the other musician disappeared from public life. Renewing their friendship, he remains completely unaware that Rory is not at all what he appears to be.  Nick's ignorance costs him dearly when Rory's enemies attack. To save Nick, Rory and his allies must find a way to triumph over the first and greatest of the vampire lords, before Nick's soul is twisted forever by the torments of the Prince of Nightmares.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Gay

Language: English


Word Count: 106401

Sales info:

13 Amazon reviews with an average rating of 4.5.

18 Goodreads reviews, 69 ratings, average rating of 4.22.

689 paid sales in 3 years.

Sample text:

The building was largely devoid of human worshippers at this time of night, so he was easily able to pick out the signatures of the Nightwalker guards that surrounded the structure and infested the actual tomb within. He snorted with disgust. Trust the Children of Darkness to choose the grave of a saint as the gateway to their greatest fortress. If the vampires had known the tomb they used as an entrance to the Court of Shadows would someday be incorporated into the largest mosque in the city, they would probably have picked a different place to tunnel. As it was, however, the adjacent holy site placed them at a tactical disadvantage to their enemies, the Sentinels.

Antonio knew he was missing something. They’re not stupid, whatever Vincent thinks. There must be a reason why they’re confident enough to leave this entrance open. Unfortunately, Antonio was third in rank among the leaders of the Sentinels, so his opinion didn’t carry enough weight to overrule the Wind of Earth’s decision to attack.

“There can’t be more than thirty of them down there,” said Edgar, his lieutenant. The other Fire Sentinel frowned. “This is a major access point to the Council Chamber Complex. That’s not enough manpower to hold a strategic position of this importance. What are they hiding?”

Antonio didn’t answer, merely broadened his focus to examine the mosque in more detail. There. “I knew it was too easy.”

Edgar poured some additional power into the spell to get a better look, then sat back on his haunches in shock. “The minaret is deconsecrated. How is that possible?”

“It must have taken some work to undo two hundred years of worship.” Antonio laughed. “It’s a perfect sniper post. Any sizeable attack through the square will be cut to pieces by suppression fire from the tower.”

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