Summer at Shaker Lake by Evolet Gray

An Intriguing Billionaire Romance

Summer at shaker lake

An Intriguing Billionaire Romance

When Juliette Lang moved back to the lake with her son, she was hoping to reclaim something special from her past, to take the magic from her childhood and make it real again. She wasn’t looking for love, but it found her anyway. The sophisticated but fun-loving developer Charlie Hill found her enchanting and irresistible, but it would prove to be hard to find a way to be together…and stay together until the end.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English


Word Count: 27495

Sample text:




She pulled into the driveway of the cottage just before dusk----the time of day she had loved as a child at the lake.  She remembered the campfires her father had built on the small beach in front of the house after the sun had set at night, when they’d celebrate the end of another perfect day roasting marshmallows in their sweatshirts, watching the bats launch their evening flights from the hollows of old trees that grew near the water’s edge.

This place was wrought with memories and Juliette Lang always had butterflies in her stomach when she came back.  Shaker Lake had always been “her place,” her mother had said, and the summers she spent here as a child made for the happiest moments of her life.  She felt safe running through the fields of Queen Anne’s lace and watching the little fishing boats bobbing in the gentle waves. It was the place she was allowed to sleep beneath the stars with her friends, catch fireflies with mason jars and run down the path and over the creek to the candy store.  She’d cultivated her love of nature here, had kissed her first boy, and had become a glorified lake girl two months of every year.

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