Stroke by A.G.R. Goff

4th book in "Mind Games" series


You think you know Ema by now? A sweet girl growing up under harsh circumstances? A woman fighting to stay alive and falling in love against all odds? Think again. The past will always catch up and this time it's Ema's chance to embrace her dark side. The reason why she is where she is and who is really on her side. An mostly what SHE is capable of.

Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Psychological

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Psychological

Language: English

Keywords: thriller with a bit of cult, psychological thriller woman looking for family, strokerelated thriller, braindamage thriller, thriller with sect theme

Word Count: 58013

Sample text:

Even at two o’clock in the morning, there was life in the city. She liked it right away. Brite had told her that the sense of beauty was deceptive. There was a lot of ugliness in South Africa. But she felt free as they drove along the N2, passing the side roads of the area. It had become quiet, and she fell asleep. Brite was driving, and she was jolted awake when blue grille lights flashed in her rear-view mirror. They were less than half a mile from his house. Brite had turned off the ignition, and they’d waited. His hand had slid to his wallet, which held his official ID.

They watched the officers approach the vehicle. One was a man, about six feet tall, with an athletic build, a clean-shaven face and short hair. At least, that’s what they could see in the dim lights. Brite opened the window and was about to show his ID when one guy beat him to it.


“State Security Agency, DI Brite. I’m Agent Pearce, my partner is Lieutenant Pwali.”

Wayne just stared at them. “I don’t understand what this is about, Constable. And as you can see, I have a friend in the car.”

“It’s about Johannes Larkin, sir.” Ema watched Wayne Brite’s face freeze.

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