Straight Back by David Menon

Just Who Can the Vulnerable Really Trust?

Straight back

Jeff Barton returns from his holiday to see his late wife's relatives in China in a relaxed and refreshed mood but that's soon put to the test. He's used to being under pressure to find answers but this is different. He begins to feel there's a force within the force that doesn't want him and his team to make any progress. But he's a police officer. He solves crimes. He doesn't let anyone deter him from his task no matter who they are and the more he pulls at the thread of information that comes his way the more he believes that the murders are a warning. But from who and for what?
Why did sixteen year old Sheridan Taylor go off that night? What does it have to do with her school teacher and why can't Jeff have any extra resources for his investigation?

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English


Word Count: 31111

Sales info:

'Straight Back' is the fifth in the DSI Jeff Barton series that I've created and that are set in and around the British city of Manchester. All four of the previous titles have been translated into Spanish, or Italian through babelcube and I'm hoping someone will want to do this one too. I'm achieving steady sales of the ebook each month and the paperback sales are also starting to pick up. It's a crime novel so the subject matter is dark and serious but there are also lighter moments in it too.    

Sample text:


Sheridan Taylor hated her life. It hadn’t always been the case. She used to love it. She used to think she must be one of the luckiest girls in the world. She used to have a horse. That was now gone. She used to have friends from families who were equally as well off as her family was. Now she’d be too embarrassed to pass them in the street. She used to have a Mum, a Dad, a sister, and a big Alsatian dog called Brutus. She adored Brutus. He was the family dog but he was her dog. She could always get him to do whatever she wanted. None of the others were able to do that. When they’d had to leave their house they’d had to give him away to the police because the housing association who owned the property they were moving to didn’t allow pets. He was out there somewhere catching criminals now. It had broken her heart the day they took him away. She’d cried for days afterwards. She’d never forget the look on his face as he stared helplessly out of the back window of the van they drove him away in. He was barking like mad. He didn’t want to leave her. She didn’t want him to leave.


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