Story of Barry by Justice Gray

Barry has multiple personalities which he uses to his advantage.

Story of barry

Barry, spent years in jail for being accused of raping an underage girl, Nikki, who played him for a fool, making him believe she was in her mid-twenties.   After he gets out of prison, he meets Patsy, whom he found very attractive.  Patsy got Barry a job at a community center in IT, with Patsy’s help of falsifying his records.  After a few months, and falling hard for Patsy, he learned that she was the town whore.

Barry learns that while he was in prison that his father appointed his nephew Frankie to take over his business—Hemsworth Hardware.  Little did he know that Frankie was doing his parents harm, taking whatever he could out of the business; the business ended up failing, which was too much for Mr. Hemsworth, which triggered his death.  Barry, with the help of an inmate friend who has outside connections, conspires to catch Frankie and have him put away for good.  It turns out that Frankie’s partner is the husband of Barry’s former girlfriend.

This story has many twists and subplots, keeping your emotions at their peak

Genre: FICTION / Suspense

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English

Keywords: fiction, romance, crime, split personality

Word Count: 67,705

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Sorry for what?

A perplexed frown clouded Barry’s features as he looked down at his cell phone which was displaying a rather short text message from Nikki, his woman.

Nikki: I’m sorry…

The question roamed his mind for a few seconds as he surveyed the two words in the message.  He couldn’t imagine what she was sorry for, so he decided to reply with the question in his head.  Before he could press the button to reply however, something caught his eye – the swish of auburn hair on the head of a thin, beautiful girl that he’d noticed at the party just minutes before.

In fact, she was the reason why he had come outside in the first place.  She had passed by him in the thick crowd and her plush bosom had accidentally brushed his arm.  It was the first time he was seeing her and she had barely mumbled an apology before continuing on her merry way, but the brief contact had triggered a massively involuntary reaction below his belt.  He had gotten so uncomfortable that he felt the need for fresh air and also to escape any possible embarrassment, if his friends standing nearby were to notice just how excited she had made him.



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