Stopping the obesity pattern with systemic constellation work by Marc Baco

Solve overweight issues with systemic family constellation work.

Stopping the obesity pattern with systemic constellation work


Are you fed up with being seen as lazy and without discipline?

Although you’ve tried everything, does your excess weight come back like a boomerang?

Have you already given up and resigned yourself to the fact that you will never live in your ideal-sized body?


Systemic Family Constellation Work can help where therapies, diets, and lifestyle changes have not been able to give lasting results.

This book is written for all those affected by excess weight, and for Systemic Constellation facilitators who are helping clients with body weight issues. It’s no substitute for a Constellation session, but reading it prepares you to participate in a Systemic Family Constellation.

Some chapters have exercises to do at home that will help you achieve your personal goals to drop excess weight.

Learn from others who have changed their lives and attained their ideal body weight with a Systemic Constellation.

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My friend, the author Michael Iatroudakis, gave me the idea for this book a while ago. He is a renowned author in the field of health, nutrition, and wellness. He has already written a few books about weight reduction, and he realized that about 10% of his readers complained that they couldn’t reduce their weight permanently despite clear commitment and hard work. He believed that they had really tried hard and had given their best.


After he told me about his observation, I started to pay attention to what were the actual underlying causes for overweight people whenever I facilitated a constellation or was a representative in one. This book is for people who aren’t content with their weight, who don’t have their “feel-good-weight” or their ideal weight. The men and women who don’t see a problem with their weight are not the focus here, even if in public opinion they are seen as fat.


My studies show that there are good reasons why it is vitally important for some people to hold onto a higher body weight, and why it is even dangerous for some to lose weight. These people can’t be helped with a weight-loss diet, no matter what. Moreover, many recognized therapies and treatments fall short and only achieve short-term successes. Only an “esoteric” therapy such as the systemic family constellation work can bring true relief.


At this point I have to reject scientific theories, as well as any demands and expectations for reproducibility and verifiable hypotheses. The family systemic constellation work, as I know it and facilitate it, cannot sustain these demands. It is a phenomenological form of therapy with a layer of esotericism.

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