Stock Investing For Absolute Beginners: by David Dale

A Quick Reference Guide to Navigating the Stock market, Avoiding Mistakes and Making Profits

A Quick Reference Guide to Navigating the Stock market, Avoiding Mistakes and Making Profits

Stock investing for absolute beginners:

Do you wish to go into the stock market as an investor or trader? Do you need the right information to get you started on a profitable footing? Then this book is what you need.
Stock Trading and Investment, in recent times, has gone beyond just buying and selling stocks, as the majority of trades are now done at the comfort of your homes with a computer. That said, it is easier to burn out if you don’t have the needed prerequisite or thorough understanding of the financial market. This eBook is your guide toward getting the basic scope of investing and trading stocks and market forces that influences this trade. In this book, you will come across knowledge and ideas that will sharpen your skills and put you at a better edge in the capital market.
Some information you will get this book include:

What is a Stock?

Benefits of Owning Stocks

Modern Stock Trading

What Affects Prices of shares?

Stocks and Bonds: Any difference?

Reading Stock Tickers and Stock Tables

What are Stock Tickers?

Understanding the Stock Tickers

Some essential stock metrics and profitability measurements

Techniques for Buying and selling stocks

Understanding Robo-Advisors

Understanding Portfolio Rebalancing

Benefits of Using Robo-Advisors

How to Hire a Robo-Advisor

How Robo-Advisors Make Money

How to find the right financial advisor

How to Find Good Financial Help

How to Follow and trade stocks with mobile apps

What Is Mobile Trading?

Benefits of Investing in ETFs

Understanding Trading Psychology

What the Shorting Game is and how to benefit from it

The Basics of Day Trading

The Controversy in Day trading

Short Selling

Open and closing the market

Penny Stocks

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