Spanish: 1001 Spanish Words by Christina Torres

You'll quickly increase your vocabulary with words you'll actually use.

Spanish: 1001 spanish words

Learn Spanish Quickly

Don't waste your precious time learning words you'll never use! Get to the heart of the language with these 1,001 frequently used Spanish words. You'll quickly increase your vocabulary with words you'll actually use. 

Here's what's you'll find inside... 

The 1,001 most frequently used Spanish words
An alphabetical list of each word in Spanish
An alphabetical list of each word in English
A list of the words by category and subject
Each word comes with a sentence that demonstrates exactly how to use it... both in English and Spanish.


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I want to ensure I can do all I can to help you learn Spanish. That's why I've also included access to a free 7 day course for everyone that reads this book. Be sure to check out the additional free resources I've included for you. 

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Secondary Genre: EDUCATION / General

Language: English


Word Count: 44916

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Additional Resources for Further Study

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Why Spanish is Easy

In the book you'll learn:

Why learning Spanish can be easier than learning French, German, Latin or even English

Simple ways to immerse yourself in Spanish without the need to travel

How to use goals and missions to build momentum in your language learning

How to roll your R and other pronunciation difficulties

How to handle Spanish grammar, so you can start speaking without wondering “how do I say..?” (For grammar geeks, I provide tips on noun genders, verb conjugation, subjunctive and more)

Very easy ways to remember when to use ser or estar, and por or para

How to understand Spanish spoken by native speakers and how to find native speakers for practice

How to discover thousands of “free” Spanish words that you already know, and how to learn strange new words quickly

How even a basic Spanish vocabulary can help you understand a lot of Spanish


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