Sovereigns: Song by Michael D. Young

Book 5 of the Chess Quest Series

A nerdy teenager finds out that he is descended from a long line of white knights tasked at balancing out the evil in the world.

Sovereigns: song

With the balance between Palad and Nemes shattered, both old friends and old enemies must work together to stand against the Gray Knight in a final struggle that will determine the fate of civilization. To have a hope of prevailing, Rich and his friends must traverse strange, new realms, each more dangerous than the last. Only then will they will be equipped for the endgame, the final moves that may result in checkmate for both the light and dark.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / General

Language: English

Keywords: knights, chess, adventure, young adult, fantasy, magic

Word Count: 58952

Sample text:

King Heinrich Witz stood atop a skyscraper in St. Louis, Missouri, a thick expanse of gray mist spoiling the view. The Gateway Arch and some of the taller buildings poked out above the haze, but that was about it. “What do you think it is, Aaron?” he asked.

“Well, it does remind me of the fog we ran into in the second part of the maze,” Aaron said and then paused for a moment. “And it did show up right after the Sovereigns destroyed the Corridor.”

Rich nodded. It was a good answer, but it didn't seem like the whole story. That fog had knocked them all unconscious and started messing with their minds to try to get make them give up the will to live. With this fog however, people didn't lose consciousness. They just walked around in a trance-like state, going through routines like eating and sleeping, even going to the bathroom as though they were permanently on autopilot.

“Are you sure you don't want me to fly you under the Arch?” Aaron asked. “I’d feel a lot better about that.”

“Sorry, Aaron,” Rich said. “I read all the instructions my grandparents left me. They said I need to pack light when going through the gate like this. I know that means I shouldn’t take an airplane, but it probably also means I shouldn’t take any extra passengers. I need you to stay behind and keep Angela safe. Besides, little Libby would miss you too much if you left.”

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