Snare by Marata Eros

An Amazon #1 Thriller and Top 100 bestselling series.


From New York Times and Top 100 bestseller Marata Eros, comes a #1 Amazon Heist & Organized Crime Thriller and Top 100 Bestselling series.
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A secret baby. A stepbrother that can't forget her.

Forbidden Love

Some women are untouchable. Like a stepsister who's alive because of his sacrifice. Snare is part of the Road Kill MC, and as sergeant at arms, he takes his role as protector seriously. He always has.

Snare doesn't discuss the scar that almost took his eye or the ultimate protection it provided for the only woman he's ever loved. The sweet butts provide the distraction he needs and the emotional disconnect he craves. Snare is married to the club. He doesn't need a woman who disappears without a trace.


Sarah tries not to think of Snare. It was one night. And he paid for it - they both did. The nightmares don't even interrupt her dreams. Much. Except for the secret she keeps of the child they had together, life couldn't be more perfect.

Sarah knows that Snare isn't the type of man to toy with - or lie to. But when her abuser took things too far, Sarah couldn't allow Snare to protect her any longer. She fled and hasn't seen her stepbrother since. The price for their love was more than fists and rage. It was flesh and blood.

Can Sarah hide the truth from the one man who protected her with his own life? Will Snare deny his true feelings because of scars that run more than skin deep?

Snare is a full-length, standalone romantic suspense novel with hot sex, no cheating, strong language, an HEA ending and NO CLIFFHANGERS. Contains disturbing themes that might be uncomfortable for some. Perfect for fans of Joanna Wylde, and who also like the dark fare of Pepper Winters.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Crime

Language: English

Keywords: mc, motorcycle club, navy seal, biker, romantic thriller, thriller, romantic suspense, antihero, series, bestseller

Word Count: 63,837

Sales info:

Road Kill MC is an Amazon #1 Thriller and Top 100 bestselling series.

Sample text:

Sara's hips are small in my hands, and the bare skin of my palms rasps against the silkiness of her ass cheeks.

“Snare”—she breathes hot against my neck, and I shiver—“I'm scared.”

I am too. Fucking terrified. But I want her more than I'm afraid of loving her. So we'll have sex, in the small, dark closet, and no one will be the wiser.

Not her stepdad.

Not even her stepbrother that's about ready to bury his aching hard-on inside her.

Sara reaches up, her hand lightly tracing the scar that almost took my eyeball, and I tremble a second time under the gentle touch of her finger.

I'm too far gone for tender. I've been soft with Sara a hundred times. A thousand times I've laid my tongue on her body, my fingertips on her willing flesh—my mouth everywhere she has skin. This time I take.

I warn her again. “It'll hurt, baby. Bad.”

Sara nods.

She's been briefed. I've prepared her in every way a guy that's twenty-one years old and desperate to be inside her could.

Using my hips, I glide the tip of my dick back and forth on the wetness of her, clit to her entrance, knowing I shouldn't take this next critical step, not being able to help it. I'm one of those men who has to physically own what's mine.

Sara's pussy's been mine since I've been defending her against my father for the last three years. When Sara moved into our house, I claimed her against my will. Not with my body.

With my soul.

She widens her knees to accept me within the cradle of her hips, and I slip that first hot hard inch inside. Sara arches her back, and a bead of sweat slithers from my temple to my jaw, hanging like a wet gem of lust from my chin.

It dangles, falling between her slick breasts.

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