SISSY CENTRAL by Mike Watson

25 Ways to TRULY MORPH INTO the SISSY you’ve ALWAYS WANTED to be!

25 Ways to TRULY MORPH INTO the SISSY you’ve ALWAYS WANTED to be!

Sissy central

Humiliation and realizing fantasies of serving her like a true maid - -a REAL “slave” - - and a “woman”, completing all the womanly tasks for your “man” (her!) is the real turn on for most guys here when it comes to sissy fantasies. And for the ladies - - its all about having their cake - - and eating it too - - as it really should be!

The dressing up, verbals and eventual cuckolding etc are great and necessary but they’re the icing on the cake (a most delicious one) in my opinion!

This truly IS the most comprehensive manual out there on this subject. Without further ado, then - what you’ll learn from this manual - -

If you’re a dominant Lady …

•You’ll learn how to take your current D/s relationship to the next level altogether - - in a way that there will never truly be a point of “return”!
•How to “have your cake and eat it too” - - not only in bed, but in LIFE as well.
•How to develop an unshakeable sense of confidence - - that comes from doing what it normally “forbidden”, and yet getting away with it - - and the sense of having several men lusting after you at once, and being in the position to pick and choose the one YOU want for the night - - with NO drama from your S.O. in this regard!
•How to say goodbye to all forms of housework forever and ever. Do this right, and you’ll never bother about doing ANY housework again – he’ll be literally BEGGING you to do it!
•How to make sure that YOU are the one pushing him to get involved in said scenarios - - as opposed to what it is normally i.e. the man “pushing” his S.O. to get involved in something she’s “not really into”.
•How to reinforce your place at the TOP of the hierarchy as the alpha female you truly are - - never sullying your beautiful hands with cooking, cleaning or any form of annoying housework - -and with your choice of “real” men as and when you see fit!
If you’re a man …

•Ensure that your D/s life is never the same again once you incorporate sissy play into it, and she truly “starts to have her cake, and eat it too!”
•How to ensure she’s relaxed and ready to sissify you - - and how to make sure she slowly morphs into the Dominant lady of your dreams that you’ve always craved!
•How to remove all “whys and wherefore’s” in terms of “why do you want to be humiliated like this”, and “why would you want me to do that”. The key lies in influencing your subconscious to believe that what you’re doing is the right way - - for both of y’all - - and this little manual gives you the tips and techniques that if used over a period of time will influence your subconscious in such a manner than this sort of a lifestyle will become the “norm” for you.
•How to realize and EXPERIENCE the pleasures of “sharing truly is caring” - - especially when it comes to female bonding - - for you as a sissy and her as your Domina - - preferably over a large, juicy, real man cock!

•How to understand something that men over the ages would have done well to understand - - that being to keep your woman happy in all regards, with scant, or any regard to your own orgasms. This might sound strange at first, but read on, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.
•How to come to terms with the fact that for a sissy, a “cock” is but a mere appendage (as are the balls) via which bodily “waste” (and yes, sissy cum IS a waste) is made to “exit”. Other than peeing, this appendage serves NO practical purpose, and should be treated as such. Ditto for the balls!

And more!

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / LGBT / Transgender

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Erotica / BDSM

Language: English

Keywords: sissy, faggot, transgender, femdom, sissified, how to become a sissy, sissy for her

Word Count: 20046

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Going great guns on amazon and my own site.

Sample text:

Dear sissy and/or Domina,


Congratulations on your purchase! You're about to embark on one of the fascinating journeys you can in femdom - that being turning into a true SISSY - a true "feminized" male - no longer a "real man" - a "toy" to be used at her beck and call, and for her pleasure only - and if thats your thing (and it probably is, since you've made this purchase) - well - you're at the right place.


And if you’re a lady looking to turn your “man” into the sissy he was MEANT to be - - you’re at the right place as well!


But first, why be a sissy, you ask? Isn't being a cuck - or being humilated - some of the themes around which my other immensely popular products are centered - and indeed a lot of my writing

- enough?


Well, simple, my friend.


Femdom should be an "all in one" package - both for the Lady and for the male submissive - and there is NO better way than sissy play in which to achieve this objective.


Let's face it, guys. Lots of true male submissives secretly desire to take their submissiveness to another level by dressing up as a maid and serving her hand and foot -- or by "looking pretty" for her lovers (as Madam Su liked me to!).


I can still hear her titter, and I can still sense, if not RECALL outright that GLEAM in the eye as she sat comfortably with her lover on the couch after yet another orgasm, me at their feet, their bare feet staring me in the face, and her ordering me to fetch her lover beer.


Fetch him another beer, sissy, and clean him up - - we're almost ready to go again!

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