Sherlock Holmes re-told for children: The Naval Treaty by Mark Williams

How old were you when you discovered Sherlock?

Sherlock holmes re-told for children: the naval treaty

How old were you when you discovered Sherlock? 

As part of the Classics For Kids series international best-selling author Mark Williams is proud to present this adaptation for children of the Sherlock Holmes short story The Naval Treaty. 

Come join Holmes and Watson as they solve the mystery of the missing naval treaty in a child-friendly, twenty-first century English and with the seamier side of Victorian life left out. 

Ideal for children aged 9-12 to get started with the world’s most famous detective.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Mysteries & Detective Stories

Language: English

Keywords: Sherlock Holmes

Word Count: 12,400

Sales info:

Part of the Sherlock For Kids series selling in respectable numbers across multiple retailers.

Sample text:

It seemed no-one had any interesting problems for Sherlock Holmes to solve that particular July. The poor fellow was bored stiff, and tried to keep his mind busy with his colorful, if somewhat smelly, chemical experiments. And would spend long hours playing the violin – usually when I was trying to get to sleep. I could see my friend desperately needed a bizarre mystery to get his teeth into.

So imagine my delight when a letter arrived at 221b Baker Street one morning, addressed to me, with a mystery quite as bizarre as any we had come across, and potentially one of the most serious, for the fate of the country hung on its solution.

I was eating my breakfast toast and marmalade when Mrs. Hudson kindly brought up the morning mail, and I was most surprised to see from the return addresses on the envelopes that one letter was from a Mr. Percy Phelps of Woking, in Surry.

“I say, Holmes, I’ve a letter from Tadpole Phelps,” I said.

Holmes looked up wearily from his morning newspaper. “Tadpole?” he asked.

“Percy ‘Tadpole’ Phelps,” I explained. “We were at school together, although he was a year or two ahead of me, and went on to greater things. Cambridge, no less.”

Holmes waved a dismissive hand. “So very nice of him to get in touch,” he said, clearly not in the least interested in my old school chums.

“His uncle is Lord Holdhurst,” I said.

Lord Holdhurst was a well-known and quite powerful member of the government, but for Holmes, who had worked for the Prime Minister and even for royalty on various occasions, this meant little. My friend disappeared behind his newspaper again.



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