Shades of Rose by Deb Stover

A haunted doctor is drawn back to the night of a beautiful ghost's murder

Shades of rose

Present day pediatrician Dylan Marshall is a haunted man. Rose, the beautiful ghost who invades his dreams, lures him into a powerful spell that sweeps him back in time to the night of her own murder.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Time Travel

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Ghost

Language: English

Keywords: ghost, Americana, time travel, romance, doctor, suffrage, family, haunting, legend, sexy

Word Count: 91,540

Sales info:

Special 20th Anniversary Edition of beloved author Deb Stover's first novel. Shades of Rose has never been available before in any digital format. When pediatrician Dylan Marshall dreams about a beautiful woman he doesn't know, he never expects that the enigmatic beauty is a ghost who has been haunting his ancestral home since the disappearance of a priceless treasure, or that she will lead him to a love that transcends time.
"Deb Stover skillfully weaves humor, tender emotions and sizzling sensuality into this time travel adventure. Dylan and Rose set the pages on fire. One of the hottest books out this year, Shades of Rose is a fast paced, engrossing read that will leave you breathless and with a satisfied smile by the end." ~A Little Romance

Sample text:

"I told you this'd happen after the hitchin'." 

Dylan jerked himself away from Rose. Obviously startled by his abrupt release, she wavered and nearly collapsed at his feet. An entire lifetime of practicing good manners demanded he offer a steadying hand. She looked up at him with eyes so clear and bright he felt certain she wore tinted contact lenses--a tool to lure her victims into her lair. Yet she seemed as confused by her reaction as he.


"I'll thank you to mind your tongue in here, boy," the preacher scolded, though his eyes reflected a glint of humor.

"Sorry." Why the hell am I apologizing to him? Dylan looked steadily at Zeke Sawyer, or whatever his real name was. " I'm getting out of here. I'll have this thing annulled by tomorrow. It isn't legal to marry without a blood test and license." 

Zeke guffawed with his sons. Rose's lower lip trembled slightly, forcing Dylan to look away.

The minister seemed nonplused. "Oh, it's legal, son." He shook his head and offered Dylan a parchment. "I don't know about a license and...blood test? But here's your certificate--all legal and binding as can be." 

Dylan grabbed the document and clutched it in his hand, taking every ounce of self-restraint he could muster to prevent him from ripping it to shreds. He'd just give this to Jeff....

Considering the various ways he could get out of the ridiculous liaison, Dylan scanned the forgery. His confidence was unwavering...until he read the date just beneath the actor-minister's ostentatious signature.

March 30, 1894.

He did a double-take.

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Already translated. Translated by Marlies Perman
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