Self Publish to a World of Readers: with Amazon, Apple, Google and Other Major Retailers by Jason Matthews

Save time and money selling ebooks at Amazon, Apple and other major retailers with this easy to follow, self-publishing guide.

Self publish to a world of readers: with amazon, apple, google and other major retailers

Save time and money selling ebooks at Amazon, Apple and other major retailers with this easy to follow, self-publishing guide.

Have you written a book?

Want to sell at Amazon, Apple, Google and other major retailers?

Save time and money along the way with this easy to follow, self-publishing guide. Get direct answers for how to prepare and upload your book for retailers. Includes dozens of tips to give your book advantages over millions of others. Written by Jason Matthews, self-publishing expert and author of multiple fiction and non-fiction titles. His books have been translated into 8 languages, and his video courses have been viewed by students in over 123 countries.

Get ready to accomplish publishing goals fast. You’ll learn to:

Find solutions for your needs with editing, copyright, ISBN and other requirements. Plus you’ll get options for best strategies when working with professionals.

Readers all over the world are hungry for new books. Are you ready to share yours?

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Genre: COMPUTERS / Digital Media / Desktop Publishing

Secondary Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Home-Based Businesses

Language: English


Word Count: 32,044

Sales info:

This is my 7th book as paperback and ebook, and the translated versions will also be available in print too. All of my books and self-publishing video courses are continuing to help writers around the world. This guide is the book I wish I had read before getting into self-publishing. Here is the global link for it:

If you are interested in publishing your book and saving time and money along the way, this is the guide for you.

Sample text:

If you’ve written a book, you may need to be reminded it’s a huge accomplishment. Congratulations on doing that. It can feel like a Herculean task while you’re writing. And if you’re not quite finished, congrats still because a mostly-finished book represents a ton of effort. In either case, at some point your book will be ready to publish. Then what?

You may have loads of questions.

Who will design the cover and format the interior?

How does one sell from Amazon and major retailers?

Where will I find readers?

How can I market the book without spending a fortune?

You may wonder about ISBN and copyright. You might want an affordable yet competent editor though you have no idea how to find one or what level of editing your book needs. Since the story is part of you, a figurative baby, you’re going to do what you can to give it life.

There’s a statistic that says 80% of adults have either begun writing a book or want to. Statistics can be unreliable, but this one seems to have merit if you’ve been following what’s happening in the world of publishing. Ebooks and retailers like Amazon changed everything by creating a digital platform where anyone can publish without need of agents or traditional publishing houses. Plus it can be done on any budget. In the grand scheme of things, this has happened in a brief period of time.

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Erica Roggio and Loredana Marmorale
Author review:
I am really pleased with the professionalism of the translation provided by Erica and Lorendana. Their work was done well and in timely fashion, plus the communication was excellent on any issues that needed to be addressed. Highly recommended.
Already translated. Translated by Maria Claudia Ribeiro
Author review:
I really enjoy working with Maria Claudia Ribeiro. She is prompt with her work and professional in every way.
Already translated. Translated by Hugo Tordoni
Author review:
I am very happy with the translation and ease of working with Hugo.

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