Saint by Aria Cole

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Saint Rossi was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he left it in the dust the day he took off on his bike to become a founding member of the Sinister Knights, a motorcycle club created with the purpose of protecting and defending the lives of women around the world. He’s the club flirt, with charming dimples and a roguish grin, but when a dark, curvy beauty falls into his arms, he's blindsided by the primal urge to protect this woman at all costs. Like an imprint on his soul, his only purpose in life is now to make her his. 

Adelina de los Angeles never expected to fall in love with one of the men who saved her from a grim fate. Born into a poverty-stricken community, life with the Sinister Knights is beyond her wildest imagination, and spending every day with Saint has wooed her heart into falling, one innocent touch at a time. But flying too close to the sun can burn, and even the sweetest fairy tales have villains. Soon Saint will be forced to defend the future he's determined to have with the only woman who’s ever mattered. 

Warning: Saint and Adelina are a force of nature; she's free-spirited, he's ready to tie her to him for eternity. Hold on for a wild ride with this alpha hero and the woman he's hell-bent on giving everything—even his babies. If you're in the mood for a growly caveman who will stop at nothing to claim what's his, then the Sinister Knights men are for you!

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: motorcycle club, bad boy

Word Count: 14,297

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3rd book in a bestselling series from a USA Today bestselling author

Sample text:

“That look on your face, little one,” his eyes flicked down to my neck, hovering at the neckline of my shirt, “been tryin' real hard to take things slow, but you don't know what affect you have on me.”
I squared my shoulders, attempting a false sense of confidence. “Then tell me.”
His taut bicep brushed against my shoulder, that one innocent touch driving me closer and closer to some unexplored edge deep inside. 
Saint and I hadn't been doing anything more than kissing. Amazing kissing. Hands and lips and his hard angles pressed against my soft curves... Saint was sent straight from Heaven, there was no doubt of that in my mind. 
He finally broke eye contact, unwilling to say anything more about it. 
This quiet, moody thing he had going on was starting to get old, but I couldn't deny that it kept me on my toes. Every moment of being with Saint kept me on my toes, I couldn't help but imagine at night what it would be like to be in his arms. In his bed. His forever. 
A month ago I'd been living in a town without a single stoplight, not always sure where my next meal was coming from, and now I was daydreaming about things like love and forever. 
I could hardly believe it myself. 
“I wish you'd tell me what you were thinking more.” I whispered, realizing I'd said it out loud a half a second too late. 
His intense eyes cut to me, leveling me in a second, stealing all the breath in one fell swoop. How he had that ability, I would never know. “You want to know what I'm thinking?”
I nodded. He closed the gap between us in an instant. 

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