"Sacred Bones and a Diary". by Stephen Lawrence

Jeremy Fisher travels to the deep interior of the Congo to fulfil his great grandfathers wishes, and to retrieve his inheritance.

"sacred bones and a diary".

When Archibald-Alfred-Jeremy Fisher passes away at a ripe old age of 108 years, he leaves his estate and various belongings in his will to his son Hugo, Grand-son Thomas, and Great Grand-son Jeremy. The bequeaths all have conditions set against them which have to be met before any inheritance can be claimed. Hugo also discovers he has a long lost sister, Thomas gains a Rolls Royce, and Jeremy is sent on a life changing and life threatening journey, into the depths of the Congo. The reward at the end of his journey is threatened by outsiders who intend getting hold of the valuable diary, which has been passed down to him. It contains the adventures of the old man’s life, but most of all it holds the key to a fortune he left behind.

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Language: English

Keywords: Adventure., Romance., Action., Mystery.

Word Count: 99,056

Sales info:

Good at date of publishing then a gradual slowing down to intermittent sales. A good time to translate and hopefully promote increased sales volume by translating this book into other languages.

Sample text:

‘Good luck master Fisher, and you two. Take care around here; there are some nasty characters that would slit yer throat for a shilling.’

‘Thank you Snake, please take this for helping us.’ Archie offered him a five pound note, which he declined.

‘Nay lad, you owe me nothing. It’s been a pleasure knowing you. Now go on, the dock master’s office is the other side of this ere warehouse, I believe you have someone coming to meet you?’

‘Yes, my aunt…well thanks again Snake, we won’t forget you,’ and with that farewell the three of them walked off towards the dock masters office.

It took them a little while to find it because it was only a tiny office, and although it was still early evening it was now quite dark. When they tried the door to the office it was locked, and they could see that there was nobody inside. Moments later, a man approached them and said that if they were looking for the dock master he had locked up and gone, but they could probably find him at the “Ship Inn”, a tavern he frequented when he finished work. Archie said that he needed to speak with him because his aunt was to be informed of his arrival. The man seemed kind, and offered to show them the way.
The trio followed the man along several dark alleyways until they came to a door into a warehouse. The man said it was a short cut to the tavern, and the three had no reason to disbelieve him. Once they were all inside the door, it was slammed shut, and Archie, Freddy and Abi were grabbed from behind and held by strong arms. Some sort of liquid called “ether” was poured on a cloth and was administered to each one of them in turn, by clamping the cloth over their nose and mouth until they fell unconscious…

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Anderson D
Author review:
The translator has admitted to have made many mistakes during translation this is why i give him a poor score.
Already translated. Translated by Konstantina Deletari
Author review:
Konstantina is a brilliant translator, punctual, precise and reliable. A pleasure to work with. Steve Lawrence.
Already translated. Translated by Perla Cecilia Carrizales
Author review:
Good work as always from Perla. Thank you.

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