Sabina's Quest to Open the Portal in the Sun Pyramid by Martin Lundqvist

Having secured the Zeto Crystal, Sabina must choose between love and duty.

Sabina's quest to open the portal in the sun pyramid

Having secured the Zeto Crystal, Sabina must choose between love and duty.

Sabina’s Quest to Open the Portal in The Sun Pyramid takes place straight after the ending of Sabina’s Pursuit of the Holy Grail.  Mentally and physically scarred from her ordeal in Israel, Sabina finds solace in the handsome and empathetic Alexander O’Neill, and she experiences romantic love for the first time. With the Zeto Crystal de-energised Sabina focuses on her relationship with Alex and raising funds for charity. Life is good for Sabina until one day when a new enemy emerges, which forces her to go to Mexico on the brink of civil war and face the difficult choice between love and duty.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: action adventure, young adult, sci-fi, conspiracy, supernatural, Divine Intervention

Word Count: 27500

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Sample text:

“I am not giving you the Zeto Crystal! You are going to try to kill us, regardless of what I do.” I exclaimed angrily. Pierre burst into diabolical laughter and replied, “You are right, but I won’t just try to kill you. I’ll succeed in like I always do. Neither of you will leave the Royal Tomb alive!!”
“No, you won’t. Your evil reign will soon end, Pierre. This is your last chance to repent and save yourself!” I stated affirmingly. Pierre turned towards Alex, pulled the trigger, and shot him in the kneecap. Alex fell to the ground screaming in pain. “Ha-ha! Oh, poor little Alex, wah, that looks like a nasty wound, here, I got some medicine for it.” Pierre said this and poured some toxic chemical acid into Alex’s wound. Alex writhed in extreme pain as the acid dissolved into the wound, causing his blood to bubble, and his physical body went into shock.

Pierre turned to me and spoke: “Now, I don’t have all day, but I can spare some time to make your husband’s death excruciatingly painful if I have to!” Pierre burst into diabolical laughter. Suddenly, the sight of The True Maker showed up as a hazy mirage, in the form of my mother Keila Eisenstein, and spoke to me: “The Zeto Crystal can set evil men who touch it ablaze, just give him the crystal and utter the phrase: ‘Simba, Zetani, Humanis.’ And he will burn!” 

The vision of The True Maker disappeared, I took the Zeto Crystal out of my pocket, and I spoke to Pierre. “You are right, there is no way I can stop you. Here, take the crystal!”

After saying this, I tossed the Zeto Crystal to Pierre, and he caught it with his left hand.  The moment Pierre caught the crystal, I quickly uttered ‘Simba, Zetani, Humanis’ and Pierre was instantaneously set ablaze with a bright white flame.

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Already translated. Translated by Pedro Pablo Perez Aguero
Author review:
According to my Colombian friend, Pablo wrote flawless Spanish, the best Spanish of all Babelcube translators I have been in contact with. Five stars.

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