Romance In A Month by Rachelle Ayala

Guide to Writing a Romance in 30 Days

An easy to use guide to writing romances: plotting, characters, motivations and tropes.

Romance in a month

Do you wish you knew ...
How to crack the code of a modern, contemporary single plotline romance?
How to get motivated to write and finish your romance story ideas?
How successful authors write consistently and put out high quality work at regular intervals?
How to use strong and sympathetic characters and hit well known romance plot points to create your unique romance story?
How a supportive group of writers can motivate each other to write faster and better?
Why setting a daily word count goal is not the best way to track your progress?
How to keep your motivation going, book after book, and publish on a regular basis?
How to make writing friends and form your own group of romance writers to encourage each other to greater awesomeness?

In this book, you'll learn a simple method of writing a romance in a short period of time. You'll also discover why writing alongside a group of like-minded authors is a great way to enhance your productivity as well as raise your spirits, not to mention give you help and assistance along your writing and publishing journey.

A lot of it starts with you, your beliefs, desires, and faith in yourself. However couple that with tried techniques and using processes which work, you can take your writing to the next level, complete your romance stories at a faster pace, and do so regularly.

Romance In A Month is a method of writing a romance novel with the help of a community of writers. Our goal is to finish a single plotline romance in a month of writing time.

Learn the basics of writing a romance, characterization, plot points, motivation and goals, and how to speed up your writing by using common romance tropes and archetypes. Exercises, slides, and examples are also included to guide you in creating your own unique romance.

Form your own group of writers to encourage and pace each other. There's strength in numbers, and this guide book will show you how to successfully and consistently write along with a group.

An appendix of romance writing resources includes:
how to brainstorm titles
a reading list by trope

So start your romance writing journey today with this must- have resource guide to write a romance in thirty days.

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Language: English

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Word Count: 17,000

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It sells well consistently whether promoted or not.

Sample text:

Romance is at once the simplest and most complex genre to write. Two people meet, fall in love or lust, overcome obstacles to their attraction, and ride off in the sunset either happily-ever-after or happy-for-now. Mix in some lovey-dovey scenes, heartfelt emotions, and sweet romantic lines, and you’re set. Or are you?

A romance has one main storyline that revolves around the couple’s emotions and feelings for each other. The central story question is, “will these two who are initially attracted to each other find love or not?”

The romance has a canned answer which is always “YES.” It is like a game that the writer and reader play. Both know the answer is “yes,” but the fun is getting to this “yes.”

Romance is primarily an emotional experience for the reader, the writer, and the characters. Everyone must feel the roller coaster of emotions from the initial meeting to the final kiss. A romance is not simply a narrative of events, but a series of situations evoking highly emotional responses. If your reader is not intimately involved with the growing love affair of your hero and heroine, you don’t have a romance. Your reader must feel the attraction, despair at the fights, laugh along at the cute moments, pant in the love scenes, and swoon at the ending. Okay, so maybe I exaggerate. All I know is you, as the writer, must feel the romance and the love and give your reader a chance to participate.

This intimate participation is what makes romance the hardest genre to write well.



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