Rock 'n Roll Heaven by Shawn Inmon

Small time rocker goes to Rock 'n Roll Heaven and meets the greatest icons in music history.

Rock 'n roll heaven

Jimmy ‘Guitar’ Velvet isn't even a has-been; he’s a never-was. After a short trip to the bottom of a river, Jimmy is about to undertake the adventure of a lifetime. The celestial bureaucracy ships him to Rock ‘n Roll Heaven, where he meets the true icons of rock ‘n roll—and learns that even ‘heaven’ is relative. But, what impact can a small-timer like Jimmy make on the biggest stage in the universe? 

Genre: FICTION / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology

Secondary Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English


Word Count: 39,000

Sales info:

Rock 'n Roll Heaven is a new release, but has sold well to date. It was on Amazon's Hot New Release chart in the Metaphysical category on its release. To date, it has sold 700 copies. On a recent promotion, I noticed it was doing well outside the USA, particularly in Germany. 

Sample text:

Jimi Hendrix leaned his chair back, eyes shut, the wide, floppy brim of his hat drooping low over his forehead. His fingers flew over the strings and frets of his famously flipped Fender Stratocaster. He bit his lip in concentration, looking for something; a new sound, a new… anything.

He slammed the chair down in frustration as he realized that the riff that had appeared in his head had rematerialized as nothing more than a slight variation of what he had done in Little Wing. He looked across the table at Gram Parsons, who was leaning his cheek against the neck of his guitar, shaking his head.

“Nothing?” Gram said?

“Nothing new,” Jimi said.

Across the room, Bob Marley stood and stretched, rubbing his eyes.

“Why?” Bob said in his Jamaican lilt. “Why bring us all together, then keep us from writing, from creating anything new? It’s what we do. It’s who we are.”

“I think,” Jimi said, “this isn’t heaven at all.”


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Already translated. Translated by Michela Bollella
Already translated. Translated by Sara del Cueto

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