Robbed Virginity (Tiger’s Obsession Book 2) by Pet Torres

Adult romance

Robbed virginity (tiger’s obsession book 2)


Emily is again before Larsson TIGER's green eyes.

She discovers his true personality.

But it's too late for her to tell her heart that this man should not steal her heart.

Somehow, he still dominates her.

Now what is at stake is her chastity.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: erotic romance, ya, new adult romance, erotic

Word Count: 10.971

Sample text:

Chapter 1



"I know the right weapons to tame you."

~Larsson TIGER



 His driver opens the door of his black Opal and Larsson gets out of the car, dressed in his dark clothes, his black overcoat and no undershirt.

He looks up at the mansion where Lady Constancia resides.

It's nine o'clock at night and in  a parking lot next to this mansion, there are many expensive cars parked.

Larsson inhales his last cigarette and throws the butt  away.

The young man passes his hand over his long, dark hair and then he walks toward the main entrance of the mansion.

Entering into the residence, he is escorted by two bodyguards. Both of them are dressed in black. Larsson walks between these two men, but he is ahead. He keeps his head up as he feels like the owner of the piece or the Almighty.

They step into a nightclub, crowded with well-dressed men. Most of them are dressed in business attire.

The hall has a dark ceiling and there are thousands of small lamps dimly lighting the place. The ceiling looks more like a starry night sky.

At the far end there is a bar with dark walls and there are multiple types of drinks on shelves on a wall behind the bar.

There are men sitting on seats in front of the bar counter. There are prostitutes dressed in luxurious clothes alongside these men.


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