Rise of the Empire by Ulrich Richard Hambuch

Germany will only recover by the german spirit

This book is about a new order.

Rise of the empire

The people of poets and thinkers, who have twice been the victims of terrible world wars in recent history, are in a deep crisis again these days and are at a crossroads. In the past seven years, countless, analytically brilliant, but sober, lengthy and for the majority incomprehensible and thus ultimately only fleeting works have been produced in this context, in which the authors felt called upon to uncover and denounce the things which have consciously or unconsciously oppressed us in the past decades. Ultimately, however, all the authors I knew failed to sketch a holistic and sustainable alternative to the present state. This had to be remedied. Today I regard it as a coincidence of fate, which for some years has not enabled me from many sides to pursue my usual activity permanently and to the full extent and fate led me from now on to dedicate myself in seclusion and impartiality to the topic of finding the truth. As a person who, after a while of learning, thinking, feeling and pausing, is able to take action, I could not find a home in any party, company or place in the Federal Republic of Germany. So I decided without further ado to create this ideal political, secular and spiritual home for myself.

Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Economic History

Secondary Genre: PHILOSOPHY / General

Language: English

Keywords: People Law, Banking, Germany, United Nations, History, Economics, Education, Religion, Future, Past, Utopia

Word Count: 12766

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it a brand new book available in german and english. looking for translation to arabic, french, spanish, japanese, russian, persian, turkish and chinese.

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