Regenerative Enterprise by Ethan Roland, Gregory Landua

The 8 Forms of Capital: A new financial model for optimizing abundance

Regenerative enterprise

In a world of damaged ecological and social systems, with a fragile global economy and a rapidly changing climate, business as we know it must evolve or perish.
It is no longer acceptable to create financial profits by extracting the foundational living wealth of our lands and waters. Enterprises need a new model with which to interpret the world, and a new process for whole-systems design and decision-making. The 8 Forms of Capital is that model. By articulating the multiple forms of capital with which we transact every day, it opens the door for an evolutionary approach to economics and profits.
Regenerative Enterprise defines the difference between degenerative, sustainable, and regenerative systems. It articulates the four factors of a regenerative enterprise, and the principles for designing regenerative enterprise ecologies.
The Regenerative Enterprise Institute also offers coaching and consulting services to enterprises and corporations that want to take the leap to regeneration.


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According to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, more than 60% of global ecosystem services are being degraded or used unsustainably. The basic ecosystem functions that supply what humans and other species require to survive are crumbling around us: from the provisioning of food, water, fiber and fuel to the regulation of climate, floods, droughts, and diseases. The breakdown of ecosystem services threatens countless species with extinction – projected extinction rates in the next 40 years are between 10,000 - 100,000 times that of the historical record.

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