Regeneration by Cassie Greutman

Penchent for Trouble: Book One

Healing made her hungry. Back from the dead? She was nearly starving. Now to find out who had done this to her, and why…


Life is finally shaping up for Trisha. For the first time, she’s with a foster family she doesn’t hate. Her new school is decent, and she even has a boyfriend. Until the night she finds herself waking up in the woods covered in blood, a bullet hole in her dress.

Without her fae abilities, she’d be dead, but now the Faerie Council has given her an ultimatum. She has to help find an escaped fugitive, or be taken to Faerie, a place her missing mother told her horror stories about.

Now, Trish has to keep her day job a secret from her foster parents, join forces with the ex-boyfriend who killed her, and hunt down a dangerous criminal before he comes into his powers. Should be a piece of cake.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Coming of Age

Language: English

Keywords: Young Adult, urban fantasy, fae, faerie

Word Count: 94,000

Sales info:

The highest rank the book has made it is just under 1000. It usually hangs around

871,601 Paid in Kindle Store

#10314 in Children's eBooks (Kindle Store)
#1303 in Religious Science Fiction & Fantasy (Kindle Store)
#1417 in Children's Paranormal, Occult & Supernatural Books

Sample text:

Something tickled my face. I swatted at it. Or at least I tried. Had my arm even moved? There, again. Whatever you are, go away. I just want to… What did I want? To sleep. Sleep sounded good. Was it night?

One eyelid complied when I told them both to open. Dark, but not absolutely black. Early morning or late evening? Hard to tell in the rain. I flexed my fingers. They moved, stiffly. But the rest of me remained immobile. I shoved down the terror trying to flood up my chest. Why couldn’t I move? What was going on? Trish, what have you gotten yourself into this time?

I gurgled out a sound, but it was hardly audible, even to me. No one was going to hear that unless they were right beside me. I blinked the one working eyelid. Water dribbled in and I groaned. A few blinks helped and rolled my eye around, trying to get my bearings, to see anything I could recognize. Outside, that much was obvious. Mist, trees, and a dark sky. That was it. I crushed the panic again, my heart thundering in my ears. I couldn’t get in a good breath. Was it the panic attack, or were my lungs not working either?

How did I get here? And where is here? A voice. A man. A gun. I tried to yell again, with as much success as the first time.

After a moment my other eyelid started to cooperate. I blinked a few times, adjusting to both eyes working. Definitely a forest of some kind. But maintained. Cut grass, trimmed bushes. Maybe a park?

What was going on? Last night I had… I couldn’t remember. I couldn’t even remember what day it was. I swallowed, a knot catching in my throat and making me gag.

My hand clenched into a fist involuntarily. Good, that was good, focus on the positive. A moment ago I couldn’t move my fingers. Wait. It had been evening, just getting dark. I was out here with… someone. And then…

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Already translated. Translated by Rodrigo Peixoto
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Great to work with, quick delivery, highly recommend.
Already translated. Translated by Angela Florez

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