Reaching the Perishing: A Country Preacher's Life Story by Dr Johnny Woodard

To God be the glory how He continues to reach down to fallen man with His love through simple men and women who are not afraid to live by faith.

Reaching the perishing: a country preacher's life story

From the little community of Morgan s Bluff, located on the very banks of the Sabine River near Orange, Texas, to Israel, the land where our Lord Jesus Christ came into this world to redeem fallen mankind from their sinful condition. This is an amazing story of how God can use anyone He chooses to spread His Word. This book will bring laughter at the funny stories that took place in the fishing, hunting, boating, fast cars and student pranks that were done in my school years. There are humorous accounts of shoplifters being caught and terrorized by store managers, as well as amazing accounts of how God provided time and time again for a simple ministry that has grown to a world-wide ministry, reaching billions with God s Word. You can read many recent real life testimonies of students who have suffered great persecution at the hands of the enemy and also be blessed to read how God has used this ministry to transform their lives through His Word. This book is my life story from the humble beginnings in Orange, Texas, to now, President Of The Bread Of Life International Bible Correspondence Institute. But even more than that, it is a testimony of how God can use anyone who is willing to allow Him to lead and direct their lives and trust in His ability to do so, and not their own abilities. To God be the glory how He continues to reach down to fallen man with His love through simple men and women who are not afraid to live by faith. Dr. Johnny Woodard DD

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I was able to live on the Sabine River until 1965, the year I graduated High School at Little Cypress. When I started school there in the first grade and graduated, the entire school was in one location. I remember when I was in the sixth grade we were in a classroom that was half sixth graders and half-seventh graders. There were no changing classes back then. The teacher, Mr. Beltz, would teach us for a while and then switch over to teaching the seventh graders. I was his favorite student and was on the honor roll for the fifth, sixth and seventh grades. I remember taking school pictures in an old pair of blue jeans that had a huge patch over one of the knees. I tried my best to hide that patch with my hand, but it stuck out like a sore thumb. It was not uncommon for kids to go to school barefooted in those days, but to the best of my knowledge, I always had a pair of shoes to cover my feet.

            One thing I remember most about my teenage years was having a couple of motor scooters. They were a lot different than the motorbikes of today. They had a 5 HP Motor that you had to kick start on the front of the motor. The kick-starter operated on gears. You would have to raise it up with your foot and then kick it down. I limped around many a day with a sore foot when the gear would not engage, and you would slam your foot against the floor with all your weight on it. They had a centrifugal clutch that engaged when you gave the motor the gas. I remember on one occasion that the pads in the clutch of an old scooter wore out, and I did not have the two or three dollars to buy a new set. What does one do in such a case? Well, parking my only source of transportation was out of the question, so I improvised. I drilled holes on the hub assembly that the clutches engaged to and put bolts in it.

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