Python Deep Learning from Basics: Fundamental Approach for Beginners by Emmanuel Clements

The deep learning revolution

Python deep learning from basics: fundamental approach for beginners

Python Deep Learning from Basics: Fundamental Approach for Beginners- Neural Networks, Scikit-Learn, Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Data Analytics, Python, Data Science

The deep learning revolution

In this book, you will learn how to build remarkable algorithms intelligent algorithms capable of solving very complex problems that just a decade ago was not even feasible to solve

And let's just start with this notion of intelligence so at a very high level

In this book, you'll actually learn how to build complex vision systems building a computer that how to see

In addition, you will learn how to build an algorithm that will take as input x-ray images, and as output, it will detect if that person has a pneumothorax just from that single input image.

You’ll even make the network explain to you why it decided to diagnose the way it diagnosed by looking inside the network and understanding exactly why I made that decision

What's Inside


What is deep learning?

Before we begin: the mathematical building blocks of neural networks

Getting started with neural networks

Deep learning for computer vision

Deep learning for text and sequences

Advanced deep-learning best practices


Genre: TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Fracture Mechanics

Secondary Genre: TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Operations Research

Language: English

Keywords: Deep learning , computer vision, neural networks, Data Analytics, Data Science, TensorFlow

Word Count: 6366

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