Puerto Galera Passion by Mason

$5,000 on the line -- and he can't resist her.

Puerto galera passion

$5,000 on the line -- and he can't resist her.

Steve bets his friend Jeff he would spend his vacation in The Philippines relaxing on the beach, without succumbing to the charms of a Filipino bar girl. He needs to recover from his recent divorce. But when he meets Reyna with the cute eyes, a strange thing happens. He falls -- hard. Jeff returns home $5,000 wealthier, and Steve much happier.

Steve needs to recover from his divorce. For years, he's listened at work to his friend Jeff brag about his great times and great Asian sex when he vacations in The Philippines.

Palm trees. White sand beaches. And hot, beautiful young Asian girls.

Too good to be true, Steve figures. Just exaggerated Asian sex stories.

Besides, he sits on the wrong side of age 40. How can Philippines sex be for him? What gorgeous twenty-three year old Filipino girl wants him, unless he pays a Philippines bar girl?

Which he objects to. He rejects the "dirty old man" syndrome. He wants Filipino women who want him.

So he plans to dine on chicken adobo, buko fruit salad, and leche flan . . . drink coconut juice with or without added rum . . . swim in the South China Sea . . . ride the waves . . . sleep in the hot tropical sun under the shade of a sway palm tree as cool fresh breezes blow in off the water . . .

After a late, leisurely dinner, Steve goes drinking with Jeff. Nothing like a cold beer in the warm night lit only by bright lightbulbs strung along the makeshift beach bars . . . sand under the stool . . . the air filled with loud music from the last five decades of American and Filipino pop charts . . . while, just below his attention, the surf still roars . . .

Jeff points out Steve can spend the night with the bartender -- who's a "baklat" -- a gay male dressed in feminine though unfashionable clothes. Steve easily resists that offer.

However, the carefree atmosphere between the two male friends changes when Maria and her short friend with the cute eyes, Reyna, sit down with Steve and Jeff.

With Maria soon attached to Jeff's side, how could Steve not buy Reyna a few drinks? Too rude. That didn't violate his vow of chastity.

Before the night ends, Steve makes Reyna cry and lose face with her friends. He couldn't believe turning down a beautiful woman -- a stranger he just met -- could get so complicated.

The next night, maintaining his virtue -- and his $5,000 -- gets even harder.

And not until their return to the U.S. does Jeff reveal how Reyna earned an extra 5,000 pesos from Maria -- besides out-facing all the other bar girls in Puerto Galera.

Because you want to share the white heat lust of this tropical paradise.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Language: English

Keywords: Asian sex, filipino women, white man asian women, girls stories, Philippines bar girls, puerto galera, beach, vacation, The Philippines, erotica, erotic, romantic, interracial, american, pinoy, bargirls, b girls, bgirls, tourism, tourists, South China Sea, Pacific Ocean, holiday, fucking, oral, cunnilingus, licking pussy, eating pussy, intercourse, screwing, screw, fuck, night, overnight resort, room, exotic

Word Count: 5,000

Sample text:

"You are very nice man. Maria likes your friend, but I like you."

She spoke in such an innocent, breathless fashion that it didn't sound like typical whore talk. She was being genuinely friendly.

"I like you, but --"

Reyna smiled. "Buy me another drink."

Steve knew he was trapped. Pushing Reyna away from him now would feel cruel and heartless. And he didn't even know how it happened. Maybe he should have hid in his room all night.

Still, he wasn't going to have sex with her. He never said he might not buy a woman drinks. Or even allow her to touch his arm. But he was determined to win his bet with Jeff. He really did need that five K to pay his lawyer.

He decided to call it a night. "You keep on drinking," he told Jeff. "I've had it."

Steve was annoyed when Reyna got up with him and followed him right to the door of their cottage.

He turned around to face her. "Look," he said. "I'm going in alone tonight -- and every night. Please go home."

"Go . . . home?" Reyna got the gist of what he'd said.

"Yes. You go home now. OK?"

He wasn't prepared for the look of utter sadness that took over her face. Her eyes sparkled in the moonlight with extra moisture.

That couldn't be. He was turning down a prostitute he just met, Steve reminded himself. Why would she cry over him? He couldn't believe it.

"You no like me now?" Reyna asked in a plaintive, almost childish voice.

"I like you. But I don't want fuck you. OK?"

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