Pressure Cooking: Top Pressure Cooker Recipes Cookbook by Howard Jackson

What are you waiting for? Pressure cooker recipes are the best!!

Pressure cooking: top pressure cooker recipes cookbook

Discover These Amazingly Quick & Easy Pressure Cooker Dessert Recipes!

Pressure Cooker Cookbook contains recipes for pressure cookers or crockpots that even beginning cooks can use to create nutritious, delicious meals. 
Almost all of the recipes include simple ingredients that are available from most modern grocery stores.

Pressure cooking is a cooking technique that has been around for decades and it’s gaining more and more terrain with modern cooks nowadays. And why wouldn’t it?! It’s easy and quick and just as safe as any other type of cooking. In addition to this, it’s versatile and you can cook any ingredients you can think of, from the cheapest cuts of meat to the more expensive one.

Are you familiar with time shortage? ! Do you want recipes that can be done within minutes, but still taste great and offer a pleasant tasting experience? You’ve come to the right place! This book contains a wide range of recipes, covering any main ingredient you can think of, from the common chicken to the delicious lamb, from vegetables to fish and seafood. They are all easy to source ingredients and simple to cook, their flavors are unique and yet balanced and the recipes themselves use just enough spices to turn a common recipe into an amazing one!

Whether you are looking to prepare your favorite or a classic dessert, or if you are in the mood to discover something new, this book has everything that you are looking for. You can easily flip through the book and be astounded by the versatile recipes that you can prepare, all with the simple pressure cooker. The benefits of using a pressure cooker, as you might already know, is that the food cooks in virtually half the time, meaning you will be able to enjoy your homemade desserts that much more quickly! Pressure cookers also allow all of the flavor of the food to stay trapped within the pot, preventing all those delicious tastes from escaping and keeping them locked in the ingredients.

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Sample text:

King sized Chicken and Rice Soup

Now that is something!!

What you need

The method of preparation

  1. Assemble all the ingredients at one place.
  2. Blend all the ingredients except for the chicken meat into a big pressure cooker.
  3. Now please lock the lid in place & bring to pressure over medium high or high heat, and then reduce the heat to lowest setting that will maintain pressure and cook for about 6 minutes.
  4. Now we can proceed to the next most important step.
  5. Use the natural release. Remove bay leaf.
  6. One thing remains to be done now.
  7. Combine the chicken meat and bring to a slow simmer without the lid, cooking till the meat is heated through.
  8. Adjust seasoning as needed before serving.
  9. Smell the aroma and now serve.

You're lucky.

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