Preserve Your Family Pictures: How To Save Photo Heirlooms for Future Generations by Amber Richards

4.5 star rating book, hit bestseller in its category

Preserve your family pictures: how to save photo heirlooms for future generations

Do you value your family pictures and photographs? Then, this is a 
must-read guide for you! Don't risk losing forever these irreplaceable 

Our family pictures are priceless, a visual record of memories and loved 
ones. They deserve and require special care to guarantee they will still be around 
to pass on to the next generation. Many who enjoy family genealogy also have 
amazing collections of vintage family photos that need extra care in order to 
preserve them. 

Learn how to take the practical steps to protect your family photos, both the 
physical prints, and digital formats. Ensure that your treasures will survive 
and you don't face the tragic loss of these pictures.

Genre: CRAFTS & HOBBIES / General

Secondary Genre: CRAFTS & HOBBIES / Scrapbooking

Language: English


Word Count: 7031

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4.5 star rating, #1 bestseller in one of its category.  Sales per month ebook only is anywhere from 10 - 35 sales per month.  Physical book just released, too soon for stats.

I will be also making this into a paperback edition through Babelcube (hopefully more commissions for your work you do once), and will set up a landing page for this book and promote it (as with all my books)

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Thank you for downloading 'Preserve Your Family Pictures'.  You have made a great choice to learn about how to protect the legacy of your family history, visually.  It’s something that not only will benefit you, but generations to come.  What an amazing gift to offer them, and I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated.


If a person could only take one suitcase of their earthly belongings with them to their next destination, without the option of ever getting anything else, you can be sure that family photographs would be in that suitcase. They record our history, our loved ones, and are precious and irreplaceable.


As one who does photo restoration services, I have heard many tragic stories of the loss of family pictures.  It's a sad sight to look into the eyes of one who's experienced that.  It’s a sadness that doesn't disappear with time, and it affects not only that person, but the rest of the family as well.  


Some losses may be due to fire, water damage, mold, mildew, aging, theft or a host of other variables.  We will be looking at both protecting and preserving your physical pictures, and well as digital formats.  It’s important to protect both forms from loss and damage.


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