Pool Cleaning Business Start Up Guide by Mark J. Allen

This business guide instructions the methods to start and market a successful business.

Pool cleaning business start up guide

This “how to” guide will show you effective techniques to create a profitable pool cleaning business even during these uncertain economic times. As a result of reading this guide, you will learn tips and tricks to help you start your business with minimal investment. You will learn how to correctly choose your company’s legal structure. You will also learn what mistakes new business owners make and how to avoid them! If you’re interested in earning more money, quickly, this is the guide for you. In addition to time saving tips, highly effective marketing ideas, and insider business secrets, you will also get an easy to understand step-by-step plan of action that takes away the usual insecurity of starting your own business. Get on the road to being your own boss and order today.


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Language: English

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Word Count: 24 pages

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'To operate in most counties and states of the US, you’ll be required to carry your license with you at all times. Check with your local city hall for instructions. Your business will likely need a yearly occupational license check with your county office which will cost you around $100 annually. As laws differ by state, ask your local licensing office about your country’s requirements for legal operating rules and regulations.'

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