Politically Incorrect by Linda Henderson

Why it's important not to go with the flow.

Politically incorrect

Have you settled for "political correctness"- just because it seems to be the popular way to go? If you could be shown that there is a better way, would you consider it? This book explains about the many political systems that have existed in the world. Amidst the confusion of what has been and what is to come, you can choose what is true and will lead you to freedom. Politically Incorrect will shed light on your path, to enable you to make the world a better place.

Genre: HISTORY / General

Secondary Genre: POLITICAL SCIENCE / Globalization

Language: English

Keywords: truth, empires, archeology, testimonies, races, Middle east, love, Bible

Word Count: 50,170

Sample text:

     Man has searched for eons to discover how & why civilizations came into existence. Was the knowledge to build a society innately present within the human mind, or given to us by an outside source? Could this outside source be an advanced life form existing light years away? Many people have tried to prove that aliens from other planets have visited earth centuries ago, helping to create the great feats of ancient cultures- such as the pyramids. If that premise is true, then how did such alien beings come into existence? This brings us back to square one - the question of the origin of life, the meaning of existence? It’s rather difficult to conclude that all we see around us is the result of a random group of molecules that happened to bond in exactly the right way in order to create various genres of life. If someone took a watch and threw it to the ground, would it automatically come back together in such a way that the mechanisms would correctly indicate the time? Of course not! Then how could the orderly life cycles of this planet have come about by accident?  Common sense tells us where there is a design, there must be a designer.

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Already translated. Translated by Paolo Dodet
Author review:
Paolo did a thorough and clear job translating my book from English into Italian. He captured the essence of what was meant to be communicated. He's also very nice to work with! If you need an Italian translator, I would highly recommend Paolo Dodet!
Already translated. Translated by Tutú Werneck
Author review:
Accurate translator who is easy to work with. Natalia takes her time but the final product is worth the wait!
Already translated. Translated by Gonzalo Hernán Aracena Novoa
Author review:
Excellent translator! Gonzalo took thee original text and translated it accurately word for word. He is highly recommended.

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