Pokemon Go Guide + 20 Tips and Tricks You Must Read by Game Guidez

Be the Best Pokemon Trainer you can be!

Pokemon go guide + 20 tips and tricks you must read

Be the Best Pokemon Trainer you can be!

In our guide we dive right into the tips and tricks that will help you become a master in the quickest time possible. We guide you hand in hand with some of the most coveted tips and tricks discovered in the game so far. If you want to fast pace your fun, this is the go-to book for you!

Some of the topics we touch on:


Getting started

Finding more pokemon

Leveling up faster and more efficiently

How to find Pokemon in a team

How to save your battery with advanced strategies


Augmented Reality tips and tricks

Special Pokestop tips

Secrets and hints

Also included is many more tips, tricks and secrets.

If you want to not read any fluff and just get right down to what is going to make you the best this is the book for you!

Read your copy today and become the master you are!

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This book is steady stream of sales and peaked its rank at 14,000

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Pokémon go to the latest craze to sweep the Internet. I am sure that you will agree that it is definitely a fun and addicting game to play with all your friends. But before you get started you must install the game. If you haven't installed it already simply go to your iOS store or your android play store and search for Pokémon go. Click install and then open it up. Once you have it open your ready to go!


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