Permafrost Eruption by Louis P. Kicha

Released from permafrost by climate change, microorganisms ravage the modern world!

Permafrost eruption

A virus and a bacterium spent thirty thousand years in hibernation in deep permafrost. Released by climate change, they are now causing illness and death to a vulnerable population. It will take all of the knowledge, skills and abilities that Drs. Raymond Salazar and Peter Fleming can muster to understand and defeat the deadly organisms before the planet is devastated!

Genre: FICTION / Medical

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / General

Language: English

Keywords: climate change, virus, pandemic, medical mystery

Word Count: 60017

Sample text:

The weather had been strange for several years due to the changing climate. Across the Arctic region, warm temperatures thawed the upper permafrost layer. Temperatures reached ninety-five degrees Fahrenheit starting in June of this year and continued into August, giving rise to an unusual phenomenon: the thawing ground releasing pockets of explosive methane. Gas eruptions were reported around the region; worst ones occurring in Alaska, Northwestern Canada, Mongolia, Iceland, Russia and Greenland. Resembling miniature volcanoes, the gas pockets erupted, spewing soil, bacteria, viruses and other matter into the air. The volume of debris flung into the air depended on the size of the gas pocket. And the winds carried the debris around the globe. This is how it started…

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Already translated. Translated by Oscar Romano
Author review:
Oscar Romano did a magnificent translation of my novel into Italian! Despite my delay in working with him due to illness on my part, he was patient and made the process simple for me! I highly recommend Oscar for your translations!
Already translated. Translated by Tomas Ibarra Cervantes
Author review:
¡Mil gracias por un trabajo bien hecho, señor!

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