Peril by Cole Steele

Book 5 of the Willow Darby Series


Aurora Jeffries has been murdered. Her seemingly perfect marriage to a United States Ambassador might expose a double life she surely intended to keep secret. The details of which could possibly alter an already fragile geopolitical landscape inside Tanzania. If Hannah Darby hadn't skipped school, there wouldn't have been a witness to the crime. The hired assassin along with members of the Guild want her eliminated. Willow Darby must protect her daughter Hannah at every dangerous turn, from their quiet neighborhood, all the way into the depths of Washington DC in a quest for answers.

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Crime

Language: English

Keywords: single mom detective crime fiction detective series fiction geopolitical thriller

Word Count: 38,170

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            A dark reflective visor fixed to the pitch-black motorcycle helmet concealed piercing blue eyes.  They stalked their target into a park about ten minutes away from the Colosseum in Rome.  Valeria Tutov’s bike engine idled while she watched the older man in an expensive tan suit labor until he found a bench to sit down.  He then removed a cream-colored handkerchief from his pocket and wiped a sweaty brow.  Temperatures inside the ancient city had reached a hundred degrees for the second straight day. 

The dark brown leather satchel that the man had carried rested tightly next to him.  She anticipated some sort of an exchange would eventually take place.  A few minutes passed on her timer and a younger male in his thirties dressed in Bermuda shorts with a white tee shirt emerged from a group of trees.  He stood in front of the bench where the two men spoke under a sweltering mid-afternoon sun.

Valeria’s grip on the silenced pistol tightened when her bike stopped directly in front of them.  She squeezed off two shots that spit through the suppressor in rapid succession.  Neither men had time to react.  Both rounds tore through flesh instantly.  A couple more were surgically placed for lethal insurance.  Blood ran freely from their wounds.  Her work was finished in under a minute.  Then the Maiden of Death vanished from another chaotic scene of sirens and screams like so many times before.  

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