Party Favour by C J Edwards

Naughty student who won't pay her rent is star attraction at sex party.

Party favour

Within a week, Lisa had gone from shy, nineteen year old student with experience only of her nerdy boyfriend to cock and pussy-hungry nympho. All thanks to the depraved attentions of her landlord and landlady who have taken her under their wing in exchange for not evicting her and boyfriend Eric when the rent wasn't paid.

After having her eyes opened to all sorts of sex, Lisa is now required to serve at one of the couple's notorious swinging parties. Of course luscious Lisa won't just be pouring the drinks!

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Language: English

Keywords: erotica, teen sex, lesbian sex

Word Count: 4000

Sample text:


Isabella casually stroked the young woman’s soft skin. “Just perfect,” she said to no one in particular. Then, taking her by the hand, she led Lisa to the beach and helped her to get comfortable on her back. “You’re going to like this game,” she winked, before re-joining the crowd.

Several tables were brought up and piled high with Tequila bottles, shots glasses, salt cellars and bowls of quartered limes. “Let’s have the first volunteer,” called Helen, approaching the bench. As a young man came forward, she bent over Lisa and licked her on the belly, carefully pouring a little peak of salt on the damp spot. Then she offered a lime quarter to the girl’s lips, rind first, waiting patiently until she held it firmly in her mouth. The volunteer then bent over her body, steadying himself with a hand on her pubic bone and licked the salt off in one. Helen passed him a Tequila glass; he banged it on the table, drank it in one and then bent over the bench again to drunkenly take the lime from Lisa’s lips with his own.

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Translation in progress. Translated by Christian Horsch
Already translated. Translated by Karla Marques V.
Author review:
Another excellent job from Karla.
Many thanks.
Highly recommended.
Already translated. Translated by Muriel De Armas
Author review:
Wonderful as ever. Many thanks Muriel.

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