Pandora's Brain by Calum Chace

A techno-thriller about the arrival of the first superintelligence

Pandora's brain

Pandora's Brain is a science thriller by best-selling author Calum Chace. Set in the near future, it features Matt, a shy but engaging and resourceful student who becomes involved in a project to create the world's first conscious machine. Matt's enquiries lead to him being kidnapped, as he is caught in the crossfire between two groups pursuing that goal - one led by a Russian billionaire, and another backed by the US military.

As he is drawn deeper into his adventure, he becomes both the symbol and the victim of a global struggle over the approach to be taken towards this powerful new technology.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / General

Language: English

Keywords: AI, Artificial intelligence, Upload, Mind uploading, Uploading, Singularity, Science fiction, Hard science fiction

Word Count: 103,000

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Sample text:

Matt watched Alice's shapely behind sashay towards the knot of people Ned was in. He hoped she was putting on that walk for him. His attention was focused on Alice's receding posterior as Jemma approached him.

"Why so glum, Romeo? She likes you much more than she likes those gorillas, you know."

"Hi Jemma," he replied, then looked back at Alice, now chatting happily with Ned and a couple of his friends. The postures of the young men showed their appreciation of Alice. "Yes, I tell myself that, but I'm afraid I'm not very convincing."

"You under-estimate yourself, you know," Jemma smiled. "And perhaps you under-estimate Alice too. She wouldn't be very smart if she found Ned more interesting than you."

"Thank you for the compliment. Or was that a mild rebuke?"

"Now you're being over-sensitive. Never mind. In a few years you can upload your mind and have all that terribly attractive modesty wiped away."

Matt gave her a sharp look. "Were you eavesdropping on our conversation just now?"

Jemma laughed. "No, silly. Carl was telling me about it. That transubstantiation thingy."

"Transhumanist. What did Carl say about it?"

"How did he put it?" Jemma placed a finger to her bottom lip, and then pointed it upwards in mock sudden inspiration. "That was it: a creed for people who have learned nothing from the history of artificial intelligence."

Matt laughed. "That sounds like Carl: deliberately cynical, hard to argue against, and resolutely determined to throw out any babies that might be lurking in the bath water. Maybe he's right, but I think there just might be more to it."

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Translation in progress. Translated by Janardhan Marappa
Already translated. Translated by Rodrigo Peixoto
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Rodrigo was very easy to work with, and responded positively and quickly to requests and suggestions - and also made great suggestions of his own. Recommended.

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