Paleo diet: Achieve Peak Fitness With Paleo Diet Recipes by Julie Shawn

Achieve Peak Fitness With Paleo Diet Recipes

Paleo diet: achieve peak fitness with paleo diet recipes


The Paleo Diet has been in the spotlight for a while now but there are still many aspects of the Paleo lifestyle that have been misunderstood. But thanks to Cassidy Wilson, and her new book on the subject, just what it means to go Paleo has become a whole lot clearer. In this audiobook, Cassidy goes to great length to describe what foods you should and should not eat, discusses things such as the virtues of good fat versus bad, and even enlightens us about Paleo exercise.

I loved how this book gave not only several recipes to fit every palate, but it also gave me the history behind the diet itself. With this cookbook, I can easily prepare and cook a different, nutritious, and tasty meal almost everyday of the year.

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Paleo, is short for Paleolithic. It refers to the period of time very roughly 750,000 years back as much as about 15,000 years ago through which people initially started out to produce chipped-stone tools. The suggestion behind the so-called Paleo Diet is always that we should consume the form of foodstuffs that human beings from that ancient periodate. The reasoning behind it is that we have not yet evolved away from the adaption to the types of food they ate back then. 15,000 years really is not long in evolutionary lingo and it can be a big asks for human beings to have been in a position to adapt properly to our very different current diet within just that time. I hope you may have found one or two of the tips in this write-up helpful for you.

It is also known as the “Caveman Diet”, the Paleo Diet is a nutrient-rich food regimen patterned from the diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors (cavemen) of the Paleolithic Era. The principle of Paleo is simple: avoid the type of foods which were not available during the Paleolithic Era. This means that “modern food” (grains, farm-grown meat, dairy, sweets, processed food, etc.) are eliminated in the Paleo Diet.

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