Overdue by Lorhainne Eckhart

Runaway to The Unexpected Storm bridge short story


Diana and Jed are expecting a baby, a week ago. And when this overtired couple finally reach their breaking point, it’s Jed’s mother, Becky, who steps in with a creative solution.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Short Stories

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Sagas

Language: English

Keywords: big family romance series, mother and child romance, possessive alpha male romance, small town romance series, contemporary women parent & children, romance and marriage

Word Count: 15000

Sales info:

Overdue is part of a big family romance series that has spent over a year  in the top 100 for Western Romance and Romance Series on Amazon hitting the #1 spot in western romance on release and remaining in the top 100 category of romance series. 

Currently this bridge short story is #5.5 in the Outsider series a big family romance series that now spans three series. This series has sold over 750,000 and is my most requested series. 

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Sample text:

“Jed, I’m stuck!” Diana shouted from the bathtub, where the water was beginning to cool. For the life of her, she had no hope of standing gracefully and climbing out. Being pregnant had its challenges, but she was a week overdue and so large that every part of her ached and she could no longer do the simple things she took for granted; like putting on her shoes, bending over, or getting out of the bathtub without help.

“What are you doing?” Jed laughed from the doorway, putting his large hand on the door frame and leaning in, looking as sexy as ever in a pair of worn jeans and a plaid blue shirt.

At least he didn’t have to worry about his body getting all stretched to hell, being tired and cranky, and having to pee every five minutes. “I can’t get out. Please help me.” She gave him a pathetic doe-eyed look, pouting her lower lip.

Jed’s expression turned to one of sympathy as he strode toward her and leaned down, lifting her from the bathtub. He put her down, taking his time, running his hands over her very rounded belly.

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