One Arctic Night by D.F. Whibley

Will 17 year old Panuk survive this one arctic night when dealing with two racist hunters and a major storm.

One arctic night

This story describes a Canadian Arctic village as though you were right there walking through town with the wonderful characters Whibley developes. 

Dealing with two racist hunters from the south, Panuk must make a life or death decision.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / Survival Stories

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / Prejudice & Racism

Language: English

Keywords: Inuit, Survival, Hunting, Fishing, Racism, Adventure, Aboriginal Youth, Canadian Arctic

Word Count: 20,000

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Been on the market only a month. I have no Idea how the sales have been going. But I have received excellent reviews.

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GOOD NEWS  : My bookis a finalist in the Canadian Book Club Awards !

Sample text:

As he lay in bed, Panuk would often point his toes downward and stretch as hard as he could, hoping it would help him grow a bit taller. Panuk was proud of his Inuit name, which means one who is strong, but he hated being so short. When he was younger, his grandfather would often tell him the story of the Tuniit—the giants of the land. Panuk wondered why he couldn’t be a Tuniit. He daydreamed of showing up at school as a giant and becoming a basketball star and getting drafted by a pro team. The Tuniit were strong and fast and hard to catch. Panuk knew that, just like the legends of the Tuniit, his dream would be hard to catch too. He sat up on the edge of his bed and held his legs straight out. Checking them out, he was glad that the infection around his ankles had cleared up. The antibiotics the nurse at the nursing station had given him last summer had certainly helped. He’d had so many mosquito bites around his ankles that they had become infected. He loathed the mosquitos that arrived in droves in the summer. He would often wonder how God could have created such a creature. If he heard the high-pitched buzz of a mosquito in his tent or room, he would not be able to sleep until he got rid of it. Many a night, he had to leap out of bed and turn his light on to hunt for that little nuisance. He continued to look at his legs. One metre, six centimetres isn’t going to get me a spot on any pro basketball team, he thought. He sighed as he let his legs back down. Then he picked up the mirror by his bed and stared at his face. His dark eyes crisscrossed the mirror and settled on his haircut. It’s time to get Mom to cut my hair, he thought. He then looked straight into his own eyes. He liked what he saw. He believed he was good looking and wondered if some day he would have a girlfriend. 

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Already translated. Translated by Sara Rom
Author review:
Wonderful to work with. Dedicated.
Already translated. Translated by Stephani Oliveira
Already translated. Translated by Guillermo Barrera Gómez
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Wonderful to work with. Dedicated.

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