Once Upon a Christmas by Dawn Brower

Welcome to the town of Kismet Bay where magic and fate are a way of life...

Once upon a christmas

Welcome to the town of Kismet Bay where magic and fate are a way of life...

Holly Strange is part of a large family. Her ancestors founded Kismet Bay over 200 years ago. Kismet Bay has a lot of charms and for the Stranges, it means leading them to their one true love. Christmas, and every holiday, brings out the magic of the town. It's Christmas, so anything is possible, and when she literally runs into Nicholas Bell outside the local coffee shop, her world turns upside down. Holly stopped believing she'd find love, but after that one fated meeting, she starts to believe in the power of destiny, and the possibility of finding her heart's desire.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Holiday

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: Christmas, short story, small town, clean romance

Word Count: 5100

Sales info:

I am a USA TODAY Bestselling Author

Sample text:

They headed to the entrance but Nicholas didn’t have time to reach the door. It flew open and a brunette barreled into him. Hot coffee spilled down the front of his blue dress shirt and he yelped as it burned his skin. “What’s wrong with you?” Anger poured from his voice as he spoke. He was really starting to hate this town, and the people didn’t seem to have much to offer either.

“I’m so sorry.” The young woman stepped forward and placed her hand on his chest. Sparks shot through him at her touch and he glanced into her eyes. They were the color of the ocean at high noon. Her hair wasn’t a normal brown. Red highlights ran through the chocolate locks and nearly sparkled in the sunlight. She was gorgeous…

“It’s nothing.” He pushed her hand away. Her touch did something to him and he wasn’t sure he liked it. “I’ll be fine.”

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