On Time and Clear Light: A Journal of Non-Meditation by APO HALMYRIS

The seekers are invited to travel through the space-time of meditation.

On time and clear light: a journal of non-meditation

Things have to be the way we find them. 
But the seekers are invited to travel through space-time. 
We have limits to our life, but to knowledge itself there is none. 
A sapiential book. 
A book like a lantern on the shoulder.

Genre: FICTION / Magical Realism

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Magical Realism

Language: English

Keywords: Meditation, History of Religion, Samadhi , Enlightenment

Word Count: 12,000

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11,136 on Amazon in April 2016

Sample text:

Some people think that the beginning is like a disease. They are told by others about the true cause of this disease, or look for themselves the cause of it. They try to cure it by eliminating the cause.

Some cases might even be brought to a psychotherapist ( or a shaman ) who would treat those feelings as an inadequacy to adapt to reality.

For some, this sense of suffering is so strong and that their ardor to find a way out of the life cycle is so total, that they want to abandon any social ties that prevent them from following the path to the end of suffering.

The Great Man had told his disciples “ If you do what I proclaim, already in this life you will soon know, realize, and remain in possession of the highest goal of the holy life, for which noble men leave their homes." 


Decision being made, Chieftain Bei left his village in a hurry, convinced that the power of his will, tenaciously proven along the years, should bring some sort of good annunciation. Gazing far to the abrupt northern horizon, he entered the long hard trek heading to the highest peak known to the inhabitants of those tormented valleys.

The steep slopes of the mountain were making even simple breathing a difficult task.

The strenuous route was unfolding gravel surfaces, boulders with strange frightening shapes, rock natural staircases, rock slides, isles of sand, succeeding each other like in a dream.

These stone-covered corners were scarcely covered with dry grasses and shrubs.

The final climb was painfully tiresome and Bei could reach the barren crest in such an exhaustion state that he fell down asleep, crouched down under his clothes made from animal skins, in the way of the merciless winds.

After his “night on a bald mountain” he opened his eyes to the breathtaking view offered by this concerto of shapes under the first sun rays of the morning.

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Already translated. Translated by Francesca Degani
Author review:
This demanding travel along various episodes inlaid in the history of religion and meditation, was another perfect demonstration of Francesca's qualities as an experienced professional translator, and an inspired cultural intermediary. Her creative working style is validating her sensible presence on the Italian writing scene.
Already translated. Translated by Carlos Rojas A.
Author review:
A translator-writer displaying his own remarkably wide cultural range, with a vast experience and a careful attention to the meaning and correctness of all the details.
Trying to summarize the experience of working with Carlos, I can only say that it was a true privilege.

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