Oh Johnny: Tammy's Hot Aunt by Little Dickins

Tammy's Birthday

What could go wrong!

Oh johnny: tammy's hot aunt

The Tammy's Birthday series continues with Tammy's hot & horny 33 year old Aunt getting in the multiple partner action.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Multicultural & Interracial

Language: English

Keywords: multiple partners, Sex with strangers, oral sex, double penetration, public sex

Word Count: 6300

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Sample text:

I answered my cell phone. "Hello?"
"Lisa it's Iris."
"Hi Iris, Are you and Harry back from your class reunion yet?"
"No I ran into an old friend and we stayed over for a few days."
"I'll tell you all about it when I get home. Anyway, the reason I called is Johnny and Tammy's friend Becky are throwing her a birthday party. Tammy is pretty headstrong so I'm a little worried."
I snickered. "Like her mother."
"Listen Lisa. You're no angel."
"Sorry. What do you want?"
"Before you hook-up, could you check on Tammy and make sure there isn't any hanky-panky going on. I'd really appreciate it."
"I don't know."
"Please, Lisa. I'd feel a lot better if I knew everything was quiet at home."
"All right."
I just wanted to make sure everything was okay then get back to my task at hand--the bartender at Jacks and Queens. Luckily, Iris and Harry's house wasn't too far from the Jacks & Queens.
When I arrived, two cars were in the driveway and two more were in the street. I parked and went to the front door. I was about to ring the doorbell when I noticed the door was ajar. I stepped inside. Several mostly empty glasses and bottles littered the living room and kitchen, but no one seemed to be around.
I heard some noises coming from down the hall. Some girls were giggling and a man or maybe it was a boy groaned. Hmm. It's beginning to look like my sister's suspicions are correct. As I drew closer to the bedroom door, more sex sounds emanated from further down the hall, where the master bedroom was located. In this case, it was a girl moaning. Tammy?

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